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Galimos kalbos

Sveiki atvykę į OpenStreetMap

OpenStreetMap (liet. Laisvasis kelių žemėlapis) - tai projektas, kuriantis ir laisvai teikiantis kelių žemėlapį visiems, kam jo reikia. Projektas prasidėjo todėl, kad daugumos visuomenei prieinamų žemėlapių panaudojimas turi teisinių ir techninių apribojimų, kurie neleidžia žemėlapių panaudoti naujais kūrybingais būdais.

Studijuokite laisvąjį žemėlapį!!!

Nepradėk nemokėdamas, perskaityk šį vadovą
Viskas apie mūsų žemėlapių redagavimą.
Pasinaudokite savo programavimo įgūdžius, kad padėtumėte padaryti OpenStreetMap detalesnį ir geresnį.
Dažniausi vartotojų užduodami klausimai vienoje vietoje.
Informacija žurnalistui
Lietuvos teritorijos žymėjimo puslapis
Būsena +/-

Up and running

Portalai +/-
Get involved Beginners' guide  · Map Features  · Mapping projects  · Potential Datasources  · GPS  · Notes  · Proposed features  · Import
Use OpenStreetMap Browsing  · Download  · List of OSM based Services  · OSM XML  · PBF Format  · Routing  · Elements
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Documentation Cleanup  · Guidelines  · Translation
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Legal Disclaimer  · Copyright and License  · Contributor terms  · Open Database License

Kalendorius +/-
Social 22 grd OSM-Treffen Essen, Germany
Social 22 grd Bremer Mappertreffen, Bremen, Germany
Meeting 22 grd OpenStreetMap Budapest Meetup, Budapest, Hungary
Meeting 27–30 grd Chaos Communication Congress, Hamburg
Social 30 grd Stammtisch Düsseldorf, Germany


Social 7 sau Stammtisch Stuttgart, Germany
Social 8 sau Lübecker Mappertreffen, Germany - Ersatztermin!
Social 8 sau Stammtisch Dresden
Social 8 sau Berlin-Brandenburg Stammtisch
Social 12 sau Stammtisch Graz
Social 13 sau Rencontre mensuelle mappeurs, Lyon, France
Meeting 17–18 sau Berlin Hack Weekend Januar 2015
Social 20 sau Stirling, Scotland
Social 26 sau Bremer Mappertreffen, Bremen, Germany
Conference 11–13 kov FOSSGIS 2015 conference, Münster, Germany Fossgis conference 2015.png
Mapping party 11–12 bal Mapaton, Santiago, Chile
Meeting 30–31 geg Berlin Hack Weekend May 2015
Meeting 5–6 rgs Berlin Hack Weekend September 2015

more events…

Savaitės nuotrauka +/-
Missing Maps Xmas 2014.JPG
Santa hats and reindeer headgear at the Missing Maps Christmas Mapathon in London. Mappers gathered to do humanitarian mapping "putting the worlds vulnerable people on the map". One of a series of popular events called the Missing Maps Project
Daugiau nuotraukų
Naujienos +/-
6 spa WeeklyOSM was relaunched: a weekly news collection with everything about OSM, based on German Wochennotiz. WeeklyOSM is available there in English, Spanish, Romanian, Japanese and Türkish
18 rgs OSM2World takes first place in Thomas-Krenn open source awards
9 rgp Celebrations for the tenth anniversary of OpenStreeetMap take place around the world
28 bir The weekly notes will be stopped after 4years, if there is nobody willing to continue the translation from DE
28 bir The wiki main page was redesigned to be lighter and strictly use-case oriented, and we introduce navigation pages
22 bir After State Of The Map Europe 2014 has ended, a lot of video footage is available from its wiki page.
8 bir OSM contributors can now add their ORCID identifier to their user page on this wiki, using {{User ORCID}}.
5 bir Mapbox releases Mapbox GL, a framework for client-side rendered vector maps on iOS using OpenStreetMap data.
5 geg New release of Mapsforge 0.4.0 (offline vector map rendering framework)
Now 2014 West Africa Ebola Response
9 bal Imagery from DigitalGlobe now available for use via mapbox [1]
4 bal A new editor is released, Level0.
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Community Contact Channels+/-
Get together and communicate with others in the OpenStreetMap Community.
Discussion on the web
Discussion by email (popular)
Live chat room
Quick easy way to report errors in the map
Other Contact channels
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