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Degemer mat war OpenStreetMap

Krouiñ ha pourchas a ra OpenStreetMap roadennoù douaroniel digoust ha frank a wirioù evel kartennoù straedoù, da skouer, evit neb piv bennak zo dedennet ganto. Lañset eo bet ar raktres rak ar pep brasañ eus ar c'hartennoù a soñj deoc'h int frank a wirioù zo bevennoù lezennel pe teknikel d'o implij, ar pezh a vir ouzh an dud da ober ganto evit krouiñ, produiñ pe ober ganto diouzh ma karont.

Diouzhtu e fell din gwelet ar gartenn; trawalc'h a gomzoù !

Kement hag en deus ezhomm un deraouad da c'houzout evit kregiñ da implijout OpenStreetMap.
An daveeg klok a zegas deoc'h kement hoc'h eus ezhomm evit labourat war hor c'hartennoù.
Prestit deomp ho parregezhioù stlenn evit gwellaat OpenStreetMap.
Ur goulenn bennak ? Amañ e responter d'ar re voutinañ.
Keleier ha titouroù evit ar gazetennerien.
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Event Calendar +/-
Social 26 Eos Derby, UK
United Kingdom
Mapping party 26 Eos London Humanitarian Mapping event, UK
United Kingdom
Social 27 Eos Stammtisch Düsseldorf, Germany
Mapping party 28 Eos OSMTime, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Social 30 Eos Bucharest, Romania
Social 30 Eos OSM-Treffen Essen, Germany
Social 30 Eos Rencontre mensuelle, Rennes, France
Mapping party 30 Eos Enns, Austria
Social 3 Gwe 39. Wiener Stammtisch
Mapping party 3 Gwe Miss Baltazar's Laboratory, Vienna, Austria
Social 4 Gwe Stammtisch Lübeck, Germany
Social 4 Gwe London pub meet-up, UK
United Kingdom
Social 4 Gwe Stammtisch Dresden, Germany
Mapping party 6–7 Gwe 1er Taller Bicimapa, SantaCruz, Bolivia
Social 7 Gwe OSM-Treffen Dortmund, Germany
Social 8 Gwe Stammtisch Graz
Social 8 Gwe Niederbayerntreffen in Passau, Germany
Social 8 Gwe OpenStreetMap 10th anniversary event in Paris, France
Conference 8–14 Gwe FOSS4G conference in Portland
Social 9 Gwe OSM-Stammtisch Landshut, Germany
Social 9 Gwe Stammtisch Hamburg, Germany
Social 9 Gwe Rencontre mensuelle mappeurs, Lyon, France
Social 11 Gwe Berlin-Brandenburg Stammtisch
Social 13 Gwe Braunschweig/Stammtisch
Social 16 Gwe OSM-Stammtisch Bonn, Germany
Social 16 Gwe OSM-Stammtisch Hannover, Germany
Social 16 Gwe OSM-Stammtisch München, Germany
Meeting 29 Gwe – 3 Her Comenius - My Community and my History in OSM, Kingston upon Hull, UK
Meeting 24–26 Her 2. OpenRailwayMap-Aktiventreffen, Bad Nauheim, Germany
Conference 7–9 Du State Of The Map 2014, Buenos Aires   Sotm-2014-bueno-aires-logo.png

more events…

Skeudenn ar sizhun +/-
Bus stop in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan.jpg
Printed street maps from OpenStreetMap seen in several bus stops around Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan
Skeudennoù dibab all
Platform Status +/-

Up and running

News +/-
28 Mez The weekly notes will be stopped after 4years, if there is nobody willing to continue the translation from DE
28 Mez The wiki main page was redesigned to be lighter and strictly use-case oriented, and we introduce navigation pages
2 Mez After State Of The Map Europe 2014 has ended, a lot of video footage is available from its wiki page.
8 Mez OSM contributors can now add their ORCID identifier to their user page on this wiki, using {{User ORCID}}.
5 Mez Mapbox releases Mapbox GL, a framework for client-side rendered vector maps on iOS using OpenStreetMap data.
5 Mae New release of Mapsforge 0.4.0 (offline vector map rendering framework)
Now 2014 West Africa Ebola Response
9 Ebr Imagery from DigitalGlobe now available for use via mapbox [1]
4 Ebr A new editor is released, Level0.
older news...       OpenStreetMap in the media
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Get together and communicate with others in the OpenStreetMap Community.
Discussion on the web
Discussion by email (popular)
Live chat room
Quick easy way to report errors in the map
Other Contact channels
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Zverik for hiz multi purrpose orsum Blog, Forum and everything maps plugin unda teh WTFPL!