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Välkommen till OpenStreetMap

OpenStreetMap skapar och tillhandahåller geografisk information, exempelvis i form av kartor och strukturerade databaser, fritt till alla som vill använda sig av det. Projektet startades då de flesta kartor man kan tro är fria ofta har rättsliga eller tekniska begränsningar för vad man kan göra med dem. Detta hindrar privatpersoner och företag från att använda informationen på ett kreativt, produktivt eller annat oväntat sätt.

Ur vägen, jag vill se kartan!

Jag är en total nybörjare och vill lära mig mer om och engagera mig i OpenStreetMap.
Jag är redan kartograf på OSM, visa mig karteringsresurser.
Jag är utvecklare och vill bidra med programmeringskunskaper för att göra OpenStreetMap bättre.
Jag är användare och vill lära mig hur och till vad jag kan använda OpenStreetMap.
Jag har en fråga, visa mig svar på vanliga frågor.
Jag är journalist och söker pressinformation.
Jag vill arbeta tillsammans med andra, visa mig information om samarbetsprojekt i Sverige.
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Kalender ±
Conference 23–25 jul State of The Map US 2016, Seattle, United States United States
Conference 24 jul Introducción a OpenStreetMap en ESD 13, La Habana, Cuba Cuba
Social 25 jul Stammtisch, Graz, Austria Austria Steiermark
Social 25 jul Bremer Mappertreffen, Bremen, Germany Germany Bremen
Mapping party 26 jul Mapping Raymi en Oxapampa, Cerro de Pasco, Perú Peru
Social 27 jul Stammtisch, Düsseldorf, Germany Germany Düsseldorf
Social 27 jul Rencontre mensuelle, Montpellier, France France
Social 2 aug OSM Stammtisch Rostock, Rostock, Germany Germany
Social 3 aug Stammtisch, Stuttgart, Germany Germany
Social 4 aug 58. Wiener Stammtisch,Wien,Austria Austria Wien
Social 4 aug Stammtisch Ulmer Alb, Urspring, Germany Germany
Social 4 aug Lübecker Mappertreffen, Germany Germany
Conference 6 aug State of The Map Japan 2016, Tokyo, Japan Japan
Speaking 6 aug みんなのサマーセミナー, Amagasaki, Japan Japan
Social 7 aug Stammtisch, Dortmund, Germany Germany Dortmund
Meeting 8 aug Taipei Meetup, Mozilla Community Space, Taipei, Taiwan Taiwan
Social 9 aug Landshut Stammtisch, Landshut, Germany Germany
Social 10 aug Stammtisch München, München, Germany Germany
Social 12 aug 98. Berlin-Brandenburg Stammtisch, Berlin, Germany Germany
Conference 12–14 aug SommerCamp 2016, Essen, Germany Germany
Mapping party 13 aug OpenStreetMap 12th Anniversary, Ballerup, Denmark Denmark
Social 16 aug Mappertreffen Lüneburg, Lüneburg, Germany Germany
Social 17 aug Stammtisch, Karlsruhe, Germany Germany Karlsruhe
Social 13 sep Rencontre mensuelle mappeurs, Lyon, France France Lyon
  Future events
Conference 20–22 aug FOSS4G 2016 Code Sprint, Bonn, Germany Germany
Conference 22–23 aug Workshops at FOSS4G 2016, Bonn, Germany Germany
Conference 24–26 aug FOSS4G 2016, Bonn, Germany Germany
Conference 27–28 aug FOSS4G 2016 Code Sprint Part II, Bonn, Germany Germany
Social 27–28 aug Opération libre, Aiglun, France France
Conference 22 sep HOT Summit 2016, Brussels, Belgium Belgium
Conference 23–26 sep State of the Map 2016, Brussels, Belgium Belgium
Conference 1–2 okt State of the Map Asia 2016, Metro Manila, Philippines Philippines
Veckans bild ±
MapLesotho June 2016 minister visit.jpg
Throughout June there was a big series of MapLesotho mapping events (involving modem equipment travelling around the country!), culminating in this final mapping session with a visit from the Lesotho minister for local government. Read more on the MapLesotho blog
Systemstatus ±

Up and running

Nyheter (på engelska) ±
10 jul A node with the id 232 is created. Support for 64-bit Identifiers has become a necessity for software working with OSM.
17 jun The Collective Database Guideline is approved by the OSMF board.
30 okt New road style. Major changes to improve legibility and consistency of roads in the cartography of the Standard map style on
24 jun Fundraising target reached. Thank you! (you can still donate)
6 jun Launching Fundraising drive 2015
25 apr Humanitarian OpenStreetMappers respond to the 2015 Nepal earthquake.
16 feb Routing feature was enabled on main website, based on Open Source Routing Machine, GraphHopper and MapQuest Routing API
6 okt WeeklyOSM was relaunched: a weekly news collection with everything about OSM, based on German Wochennotiz. WeeklyOSM is available there in English, Spanish, Romanian, Japanese and Türkish
18 sep OSM2World takes first place in Thomas-Krenn open source awards
14 nov GeoGO Presentation during NFB Texas Convention in Austin, Texas USA to support CapMac's GeoGO-OSM Accessibility Project
older news... OpenStreetMap in the media · OpenStreetMap Blog
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Get together and communicate with others in the OpenStreetMap Community.
Forum Discussion on the web
Mailing lists Discussion by email (popular)
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Notes Quick easy way to report errors in the map
Other contact channels
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You can download and use data for any part or all of OpenStreetMap:

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Zverik for hiz multi purrpose orsum Blog, Forum and everything maps plugin unda teh WTFPL!