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Natural Environment Features

Environmental OSM is an attempt to provide OpenStreetMap tools to help tackle global warming, sustainable development and biodiversity. OpenStreetMap is proving to be an invaluable tool for a wide variety of projects & industries throughout the world and it also has the potential to help many environmental projects.

Please use the discussion page to suggest and discuss other data we might survey and other uses for the data.

Objectives of Environmental OSM

  • Improve the tagging schema for environmental data
  • Define a strategy for suveying and providing this data throughout the wide environmental sector
  • Create specific maps for specialist environmental uses

Agreed Environmental Tagging


Built Environment Features

Environmental Monitoring



See Food security for related guidelines and ideas


  • Railways (including underground, overground, tram, light rail, etc.)

Natural habitats / landuse

Green space

Green Space access heatmap. A heatmap of Edinburgh showing access to leisure facilities, using OpenStreetMap data (red = far away from greenspace/leisure). From an idea by Hawkeye created by stevefaeembra

Environmental Features in Development

  • Species/Genus names have been proposed in natural=tree but taxon=* has also been proposed.
    species=* tag has been used thousands of times and taxon=* much less often. See Tree discussion page.
  • Vegetation coverage values for areas have been proposed at the bottom of taxon=*
  • Plant communities (National Vegetation Classification) proposal outlined in plant_community=*
  • Habitat mapping proposal based on the Phase One Habitat survey in the habitat=* page


  • Tagging the regulation of living modified organisms (LMO) including genetically modified organisms (GMO) — in French organismes génétiquement modifiés (OGM).

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