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JOSM Plugins extend or modify the feature set of the JOSM editor.

Plugin List

Here is a list of available JOSM plugins:
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Plugin Description
AddrInterpolation Group common Address Interpolation inputs in a single dialog, as well as an option to automatically generate individual house number nodes from a Way.
AgPifoJ obsolete, Another geotag plugin for JOSM (in new versions of JOSM not needed anymore because it got built in)
AlignWayS Makes a pair of selected way segments parallel by rotating one of them around a chosen pivot.
BuildingsTools Easy drawing of rectangular buildings.
BuildingGeneralization Allows the user to correct angle of buildings to 90 degrees, and aligns all loaded buildings to nearest road.
Cadastre-fr A special handler for the French land registry WMS server.
CADTools CAD Tools plugin allows the user to make small changes to some buildings and helps the user to draw polygons from circle or ellipse.
ColorPlugin Color Plugin provide functionality for Josm users who want to put 'color' attribute for roof and walls of the buildings.
Colorscheme Allows the user to create different color schemes and to switch between them. Just change the colors and create a new scheme. Used to switch to a white background with matching colors for better visibility in bright sunlight. See dialog in JOSMs preferences and Map Settings
ColumbusCSV Imports proprietary CSV files of the Columbus V-900 GPS logger into JOSM.
Conflation Conflate (merge) objects between the same or different datasets.
continuosDownload Downloads new data when you pan/zoom.
ContourMerge Provides a tool to merge the contours of adjacent areas.
ContourOverlappingMerge This plugin merge two overlapped contours.First selected contour is priority.
Create grid of ways Creates a grid of ways.
CzechAddress Manages Czech House Numbers
Dataimport Allows importing various file formats into JOSM directly.
DirectUpload Directly uploads GPS Traces from current active layer in JOSM to
DownloadAlong Downloads OpenStreetMap data along 1 or more ways.
DxfImport Import dxf data.
EditGpx EditGpx tracks plugin
ElevationProfile Shows the elevation profile of a track.
EPCI-fr Displays French local authorities, known as EPCI.
epsg31287 obsolete, Provides EPSG:31287 projection support for WMS. Not needed for any more.
FastDraw Mouse-based free drawing tool for tracing forests, rivers, etc.
Fuzzer obsolete, used to trace forest or other area edges from different WMS imagery, use scanaerial instead
ExtTools Uses external scripts in JOSM
Ghost Declutters the editor by hiding or disabling large overlapping polygons that get in the way of mapping details. Tested only on a single data layer.
Globalsat Downloads GPS points from Globalsat dg100 data logger directly in JOSM.
GraphView Visualizes routing information as a routing graph.
GPSBlam Analyses a set of GPS points to obtain its centre and direction of spread.
HouseNumberTaggingTool allows you to quickly and easily complete the addressing of numerous buildings.
Imagery XML Bounds Edits XML boundaries used to describe Aerial imagery sources coverage in JOSM.
ImageWayPoint Photo-mapping plugin for non-geotagged images
ImportVec Imports SVG files into JOSM.
ImproveWayAccuracy obsolete, Substitutes dragging and dropping nodes with clicking to quicken the way editing process. Part of core since JOSM 4486.
ImproveOsm ... to help you improve the OpenStreetMap by pointing at probable missing geometries (roads, parking, path and water trails), missing traffic flow direction or missing turn restrictions. This plugin is grouping the functionalities of the previous Missing Roads and Traffic Flow Direction plugins and is adding the Missing Turn Restrictions functionality.
IndoorHelper IndoorHelper is a plug-in to create, validate and view indoor maps correctly.
InfoMode Displays GPX trackpoint information, can hide individual tracks and tracks older than selected.
Kendzi3D Watch the world in three dimensions, watch edited data in 3D.
Kendzi3D_Improved_by_Andrei Watch the world in three dimensions, watch edited data in 3D.Improved!
Knife-tool Split a way fast and easy.
Lakewalker obsolete, Allows automated tracing of LANDSAT imagery to find water and coastline. Development dead, use scanaerial instead.)
LicenseChange Allows viewing the license status of elements in regards to ODbL license changeover
LiveGPS Supports live GPS input ("moving dot") through a connection to "gpsd"
MapDust Enables MapDust bugs viewing, editing and creating in JOSM
Mapillary Enables to work with images hosted at Mapillary website
Maxspeed tagging Visualizes maxspeed restriction on the road
MapPIN'on OSM Imports photo markers from MapPIN'on OSM.
Mbtiles Access mbtiles tilesets just like an imagery layer.
Measurement Provides a measurement dialog and a layer to measure length and angle of segments, area surrounded by a (simple) closed way and create measurement paths (which also can be imported from a GPS layer).
MichiganLeft Easily define turn restriction for Michigan left intersections
mirrored_download Download OSM data from a read-only mirror server, faster and for bigger areas than the original download feature. Has also filtering features in XAPI schema.
MissingRoads help you map missing geometries by pointing at missing roads and missing parking areas in OSM. Deprecated, see improve-osm plugin
multipoly Creates multipolygons in one click, much easier than standard way with relation editor.
Multipoly-convert Simply converts an area to a multipolygon.
Nearclick Useful for tablets and slippery mice; corrects for problem where a click has to have mouse down and mouse up in exactly the same place for a click to work
OpeningHoursEditor Provides a graphical editor for editing Opening_hours in JOSM.
OpenData Imports files from open data portals and convert them to OSM format.
OpenStreetBugs obsolete, Displays bug markers from OpenStreetBugs and allows to edit them. OpenStreetBugs is dead, the built in Notes feature is used instead.
OpenVisible Allows opening GPX/OSM files that intersect the currently visible screen area.
Osmarender Displays the current screen as nicely rendered SVG in FireFox.
OSMRec Recommends categories/tags on newly created OSM entities
PBF Import/Export PBF files.
Photo Geotagging Writes GPS position information to the image file header. Run this feature from the right click menu of the image layer.
Photo Adjust Make photos movable and position them on the map.
PicLayer Displays any picture as a background in the editor and aligns it with the map.
Plastic LaF The great JGoodies Plastic Look and Feel.
Proj4J An experimental plugin to add projections supported by the Proj4J library.
Public Transport Simplifies the mapping and editing of public transport routes.
RemoteControl obsolete, Remote control JOSM. Part of core since JOSM 3715.
Reverter Reverts changesets
RoadSigns Tags objects based on a selection of road signs. The dialog can be opened by clicking a small icon in the upper right corner of the properties window.
Routes Renders route relations (public transport, hiking trails, bicycle routes, etc.)
Routing Provides routing capabilities.
Scanaerial Package with python code to scan aerial pictures; uses ExtTools
ScoutSigns The ScoutSigns plugin helps you quickly map speed limits and other information from actual road signs automatically captured by Scout users while driving
Scripting Run scripts in JOSM (groovy, Python, Ruby, and others)
ShapeTools Gives user more tools that facilitate aligning and rotation of buildings.
SlippyMap obsolete, Displays a slippy map grid in JOSM. Can load tiles from slippy map as background and request updates. Now part of core.
Surveyor Use GPS data to set nodes or waypoints at the current position.
Tag2Link Opens Web pages according to the value of a tag, such as wikipedia=*
TagEditor Provides an alternative tag editor dialog for JOSM
Tagging Preset Tester Adds a tagging preset tester to the help menu, which helps you developing of tagging presets (quick preview of the dialog that will popup). You can start the jar-file as standalone as well.
Terracer Easy creation of simple terraced buildings. Also very useful for adding addresses to single or multiple buildings and adding buildings to street relations.
Todo Adds a todo list dialog that makes it easy to go through large lists of objects.
To-fix Fast OpenStreetMap microtasking to detect errors in Map.
Tracer Trace over Czech cadastral map.
TrafficFlowDirection helps you map one-ways by pointing at roads that probably have an inaccurate traffic flow direction. Deprecated, see improve-osm plugin
Turnrestrictions Create and edit turn restrictions in JOSM.
Undelete Undelete objects, if the ID is known.
UtilsPlugin2 More utilities that make your life easier — split object at two nodes, etc.
Validator obsolete, Validates and fixes incorrect data. Part of core now.
WalkingPapers Supports downloading tiled, scanned maps from This plugin is still under early development and may be buggy.
VideoMapping Link videos to GPS tracks
WayDownloader Allows easy downloading along a long set of interconnected ways.
WaySelector Selects a sequence of non-branching connected ways.
Wikipedia A plugin to support tagging objects with wikipedia=* (mainly for the ​WIWOSM project).
WMS Turbo Challenge2 Drives a race car from point A to point B over aerial imagery, leave cacti behind and write like-GPS-track.
WMSPlugin obsolete, Show LANDSAT or other WMS images, including Metacarta Map Rectifier, in the background. Part of core since JOSM 3715.

See also "Plugins" page on the JOSM wiki site featuring a larger list, plus installation instructions.

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Usual, easy method

You can easily install plugins from within JOSM as follows

  1. Start JOSM, open the preferences window (Edit→Preferences or use the toolbar icon) and select the plugins tab.
  2. Click on "Download List" to download the list of available plugins.
  3. Check the plugins you want installed.
  4. Click the update button. All new plugins should start downloading and installing.
  5. Restart JOSM. (Some Plugins work even without a restart. You will be notified, if a restart is required.)

Manually install JOSM plugins

Usually you don't need to install plugins manually! If you do need to install manually:

  • Save plugin jar files in the plugins directory in the JOSM settings directory: ~/.josm/plugins (e.g. /home/$USER/.josm/plugins/wmsplugin.jar) (example paths for Linux)