2010 Chile earthquake/Maps and data

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Available languages — 2010 Chile earthquake/Maps and data
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Browse the map: Epicentre of primary 8.8 quake, Concepción,

Static content

Static content refers to content which is frozen in time, reflecting the state of OSM data at a particular time and which requires a specific effort to update.

Extracts and maps for Garmin units

How to load the maps onto a Garmin

Platform Description Update Frequency Provider Link(s)
Various .osm extracts (raw XML data from OpenStreetMap)

ESRI Shapefiles
Garmin GMAPSUPP.IMG files files
...all updated every 10 minutes!

every 10 min Geofabrik labs.geofabrik.de/chile (directory with multiple downloads)
Garmin Maps for Garmin units. weekly Cloudmade chile.img.zip (10.2 MB)
Garmin Maps for Garmin units.
For mapping programs (without Pacific Islands)
weekly User:Computerteddy Chile.tgz (13 MB)
Garmin Map directly for Garmin units.
(without Pacific Islands)
weekly User:Computerteddy typ_chile_gmapsupp.img.gz (12MB)
Garmin a set of Transparent 10m contour maps for the area
(MapSetToolKit is included in the zip file, used to install onto mapsource)
static User:ozixm1mzdmm Chile_SRTMcontours10m_01234000.zip (52.5 MB)
NaviPOWM Maps for NaviPOWM 0.2.4 (not Garmin!).
(OSM data from labs.geofabrik.de/chile)
every 3 hours User:StefanDausR chile.7z (8.5MB)

Static Printable maps

maps are no longer available

Map Books

Draft versions of a 8.5 x 11" (or A4 ISO page size) 1:25,000 street atlas for Concepcion , Chile at the link provided below. Data is courtesy of OpenStreetMap. We would welcome additional (but reasonable) requests, comments, and feedback. We've used some new compression techniques that squeeze the entire atlas down to 0.8MB in size. Just in case that's still too large, we've still made each page individually available. Total number of 1:25,000 pages is 22.

(1 March 2010) http://mississippi.deltastate.edu/data/Chile/Concepcion_Chile_25Kscale_8511A4size_Geopdf_Street_Atlas_vDSU20100301/

As for MGRS grid data, we've completed it and posted it to:

(1 March 2010) http://mississippi.deltastate.edu/data/Chile/MGRS_Data/

You'll note we've gone ahead and created 100-m polygon data in preparation for 1:6,000 atlas products should decent imagery become available in a format we can use.

Dynamic content

Dynamic content refers to content which is "live", updating as OSM data updates.

Obviously you can Browse the map: Epicentre of primary 8.8 quake, Concepción.

You can also put your own slippy map on your website