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This page lists Canadian regulatory road signs, which is divided into three subseries under the Manual of Traffic Control Devices for Canada (MUTCDC):

  • Ra - Right of way
  • Rb - Control of movement
  • Rc - Miscellaneous

Ra series (right of way)

MUTCDC sign code Image English French Tags Notes
Ra-1 Canada Stop sign.svg Stop Arrêt highway=stop
  • British Columbia: R-001
  • Quebec: P-010 (P-010A for bilingual ones)
Ra-2 Ontario road sign Ra-2.svg Yield Cédez highway=give_way
  • British Columbia: R-002
  • Quebec: P-020-1 (P-020-2 for use with roundabouts/traffic circles)
Ra-3 Canada School Crosswalk Sign - Right Shoulder.svg School crossing Passage d'écoliers highway=crossing
  • British Columbia: PS-005
  • Ontario: Wc-2
  • Quebec: P-270-1

Most provinces use fluorescent yellow as an optional background colour, for better visibility.

Ra-4 British Columbia SP-5 (old).svg Ontario road sign Ra-5R.svg Pedestrian crosswalk Passage pour piétons highway=crossing
  • British Columbia: PS-003 (previously SP-5 with smaller X. Alberta also uses similar design for sign RA-4 before being replaced with pictographic one)
  • Quebec: P-270-2

Ontario version of textual sign uses a large X.

Most provinces use fluorescent yellow as an optional background colour, for better visibility. Colour used only with newer signs.

Ra-5 Canada Crosswalk Right Side Overhead Sign.svg Pedestrian crosswalk (overhead) Passage pour piétons (panneau aérien) highway=crossing Used with pedestrian-activated flashing yellow lights.

Alberta uses wider version, with “Pedestrians”.

Ra-6 Canada School Crosswalk Median Sign (English).svg Yield to school children Cédez aux écoliers

Rb series (control of movement)


This article or section may contain out-of-date information: There is a new street parking schema. parking:lane=*/parking:condition=* was deprecated.
If you know about the current state of affairs, please help keep everyone informed by updating this information. (Discussion)
MUTCDC sign code Image English French Tags Notes
Rb-1 Ontario Rb-1.svg Maximum speed Vitesse maximum maxspeed=*
  • Alberta: Rb-1
  • British Columbia: R-004
  • Ontario; Rb-1
  • Quebec: P-070-2
Rb-2 Canada Speed Limit Sign for Trucks.svg Truck maximum speed Vitesse maximum pour camions maxspeed:hgv=*
Rb-3 Canada Night Speed Limit Sign.svg Night maximum speed Vitesse maximum à nuit maxspeed:conditional=XX @ (sunset-sunrise) Rarely used
Rb-4 Canada Minimum Speed Limit Sign.svg Minimum speed Vitesse minimum minspeed=* Used only in Quebec.
Rb-5 Ontario Rb-10.svg No straight through Tout droite interdit restriction=no_straight_on
  • Alberta: not used
  • British Columbia: R-017-2
  • Ontario: Rb-10
  • Quebec: P-110-8
Rb-6 Ontario Rb-12.svg No left turn Virage à gauche interdit restriction=no_left_turn
  • Alberta: Rb-11L (Rb-12 formerly used)
  • British Columbia: R-015L
  • Ontario: Rb-12
  • Quebec: P-110-6
Rb-7 Ontario Rb-11.svg No right turn Virage à droite interdit restriction=no_right_turn
  • Alberta: Rb-11R (Rb-11 formerly used)
  • Ontario: Rb-11
  • British Columbia: R-015R
  • Quebec: P-110-7
Rb-8 Left Turn Required (Canada).svg Turn left Tournez à gauche restriction=only_left_turn
  • British Columbia: R-016-1L
  • Quebec: P-110-2-D
  • Ontario: Rb-14 (no right turns and straight-ons. Rb-13 used in all other cases.)
Rb-9 Right Turn Required (Canada).svg Turn right Tournez à droite restriction=only_right_turn
  • British Columbia: R-016-1R
  • Ontario: Rb-13 (no left turns and straight-ons. Rb-11 used in all other cases e.g. rights-in/rights-out, commercial driveways)
  • Quebec: P-110-2-G
Rb-10 Do Not Turn (Canada).svg No turns Virages interdit restriction=only_straight_on
  • Alberta: Rb-15
  • British Columbia: R-017-1
  • Ontario: Rb-15 (No turns. Rb-11 and Rb-12 used elsewhere)
  • Quebec: P-110-1
Rb-11 Ontario Rb-16.svg No U-turns Demi-tour interdit restriction=no_u_turn
  • Alberta: Rb-16
  • British Columbia: R-019
  • Ontario: Rb-16
  • Quebec: P-110-5
Rb-12L Ontario Rb-79L.svg No left turn on red Virage à gauche interdit au feu rouge scattered uses of type=restriction:on_red + restriction:on_red=no_left_turn See much more common Rb-12L for right turns
  • Alberta: no sign code
  • British Columbia: R-117L
  • Ontario; Rb-79L
  • Quebec: not used
Rb-12R Ontario Rb-79R.svg No right turn on red Virage à droite interdit au feu rouge Greater Toronto Area uses relation type=restriction:on_red + restriction:on_red=no_right_turn
  • Alberta: no sign code
  • British Columbia: R-117R
  • Ontario: Rb-79R
  • Quebec: P-115–1
Rb-13 Ontario Rb-81.svg Left turn signal Feu pour virage à gauche
  • British Columbia: R-109-L
  • Ontario: Rb-81
Rb-14 Ontario Rb-21R.svg MUTCD R6-1L.svgMUTCD R6-2L.svg One way Sens unique oneway=yes
  • Alberta: Rb-21
  • British Columbia: R-008-1, R-008-2 or R8-008-3
  • Ontario: Rb-21
  • Quebec: P-080-1
Rb-15 Canada Wrong Way Sign.svg Wrong way Reculez oneway=yes
  • Alberta: Rb-22
  • British Columbia: R-009-3
  • Ontario: Rb-20
  • Quebec: not used

Used in combination with do not enter sign (Rb-16/Alberta Rb-23/BC R-009-1 or R-009-2)

Rb-16 Ontario Rb-19.svg Do not enter Access interdit (Quebec: Entrée interdite) oneway=yes
  • Alberta: Rb-23
  • British Columbia: R-009-1 or R-009-2
  • Ontario: Rb-19
  • Quebec: P-040

Used in combination with wrong way sign (Rb-20/Alberta Rb-22) to deter wrong-way movements.

Some signs in Alberta have “No Entry” on the sign (e.g. do not enter signs at Edmonton). BC sign R-009-2 is similar to U.S. MUTCD R5-1, except it has a black border.

Rb-17 Canada Two-way Traffic Sign.svg Two-way Bidirectionnel none or oneway=no
  • British Columbia: R-010
  • Ontario: Rb-24
  • Quebec: P-080-3
Rb-18 Canada Keep Right of Median Sign.svg Keep right Gardez à droite oneway=yes and dual_carriageway=yes
  • British Columbia: R-014
  • Ontario: Rb-25
  • Quebec: P-040
Rb-19 Canada Do Not Pass Sign.svg Do not pass Dépassement interdit overtaking=no
  • Alberta: Rb-31
  • British Columbia: R-022-1
  • Ontario: Rb-31
  • Quebec: P-140-1
Rb-20 Canada Passing Permitted Sign.svg Pass with care Dépassez prudemment none or overtaking=yes
  • Alberta: Rb-32
  • British Columbia: R-023
  • Ontario: Rb-35
  • Quebec: not used (P-140-1 plus P-230-P “Fin” plaque used instead)
Rb-22 Ontario Rb-33.svg Keep right except to pass ?
  • Alberta: Rb-34
  • British Columbia: R-007-2
  • Ontario: Rb-33
  • Quebec: P-225
Rb-23 Ontario Rb-34.svg Slower traffic, keep right Véhicules lents, tenir la droite ?
  • Alberta: Rb-35
  • British Columbia: R-009-1 or R-009-2
  • Quebec: not used (P-225 used in place)
Rb-24 Canada Yield Centre Lane to Opposing Traffic Sign.svg Yield centre lane to opposing traffic Cédez la voie médiane aux véhicules en sens inverse ? Alberta and Ontario: Rb-36
Rb-25 Canada Yield to Cyclists When Turning Right Sign.svg Yield to cyclists when turning right Cédez aux cyclistes en tournant à droite ?
Rb-26 Canada Turning Vehicles Yield to Bicycles and Pedestrians Sign.svg Turning vehicles, yield to bicycles and pedestrians Véhicules en virage, cédez aux cyclistes et aux piétons ? Ontario: Rb-75A
Rb-27 Ontario road sign Rb-73.svg Bicycles, yield to pedestrians Cyclistes, cédez aux piétons
  • Alberta: not used
  • British Columbia: B-R-108 (on sidewalks only)
  • Ontario: Rb-73
  • Quebec: not used
Rb-28 Ontario road sign Rb-74.svg Cyclists, yield to cars Cyclistes, cédez aux autos
  • Alberta: not used
  • British Columbia: R-056-3 (Cars, yield to cyclists)
  • Quebec: not used
Rb-29 Ontario Rb-41.svg Left turns only Virage à gauche seulement turn=left
  • Alberta: Rb-41-L
  • British Columbia: R-082-L
  • Ontario: Rb-41
  • Quebec: P-100-2-G
Rb-30 Ontario Rb-42.svg Right turns only Virage à droite seulement turn=left
  • Alberta: Rb-41-R
  • British Columbia: R-082-R1 (R-082-R2 with “Right Lane Must Turn Right”)
  • Ontario: Rb-42
  • Quebec: P-100-2-D
Rb-31 Ontario Rb-43.svg Left turn or straight through Tourner à gauche ou tout droit turn=left;through
  • Alberta: Rb-42-L
  • British Columbia: R-083-L
  • Ontario: Rb-43
  • Quebec: P-100-3-G
Rb-32 Ontario Rb-44.svg Straight through or turn right Tout droit ou tourner à droite turn=through;right
  • Alberta: Rb-42-R
  • British Columbia: R-083-R
  • Ontario: Rb-44
  • Quebec: P-100-3-D
Rb-33 Ontario Rb-45.svg Turn right or left Tourner à droite ou à gauche turn=left;right
  • Alberta: Rb-43
  • British Columbia: R-080
  • Ontario: Rb-45
  • Quebec: P-100-4
Rb-34 Ontario Rb-46.svg All movements permitted Tous les mouvements autorisés turn=left;through;right. Redundant otherwise in single lane
  • Alberta: Rb-44
  • British Columbia: R-084
  • Ontario: Rb-46
  • Quebec: Not used
Rb-35 Ontario Rb-47.svg Straight-through only Directement seulement turn=through
  • Alberta: Rb-45
  • British Columbia: R-081
  • Ontario: Rb-47
  • Quebec: P-100-1
Rb-36L Québec P-100-11-G.svg Double left turn turn:lanes=left|left|| (pipes dependent on number of actual lanes)
  • Alberta: Rb-46L
  • British Columbia: R-085L
  • Quebec: P-100-11-G
Rb-36R Québec P-100-11-D.svg Double right turn turn:lanes=right|right|| (pipes dependent on number of actual lanes)
  • Alberta: Rb-46R
  • British Columbia: R-085R
  • Quebec: P-100-11-D
Rb-37L Québec P-100-7-G.svg Lane control (two left turn lanes) turn:lanes=left|left;through|| (pipes dependent on number of actual lanes)
  • Alberta: Rb-47L
  • British Columbia: R-087L
  • Quebec: P-100-7-G
Rb-37R Québec P-100-7-D.svg Lane control (two right turn lanes) turn:lanes=through;right|right|| (pipes dependent on number of actual lanes)
  • Alberta: Rb-47R
  • British Columbia: R-087R
  • Quebec: P-100-7-D
Rb-38 Ontario Rb-48.svg Two-way left turn turn:lanes:both_ways=left
  • British Columbia: R-088, R-089, and R-090
  • Ontario: Rb-48
  • Quebec: P-100-5
Rb-39 Québec P-100-8-F.svg Lane control turn:lanes:=left|through|right
  • Alberta: Rb-49
  • British Columbia:
  • Quebec: P-100-8-F
Rb-40 Ontario Rb-51.svg No parking Stationnement interdit parking:lane=no_parking
  • Alberta: Rb-51
  • British Columbia: P-001
  • Ontario: Rb-51
  • Quebec: P-150-1
Rb-41 Ontario Rb-52.svg Part-time parking control (specific times) Contrôle du stationnement à temps partiel (horaires précis) parking:lane:conditional=no_parking @ (times on sign)
  • Alberta and Ontario: Rb-52
  • British Columbia: P-008
  • Quebec: P-150-2
Rb-42 Ontario Rb-53.svg Parking permitted (specific times) Stationnement autorisé (horaires précise) parking:lane:conditional=yes @ (times on sign)
  • Alberta and Ontario: Rb-53
  • British Columbia: P-021
  • Quebec: P-150-7
Rb-43 Ontario Rb-55.svg No stopping Arrêt interdit parking:lane=no_stopping
  • Alberta and Ontario: Rb-55
  • British Columbia: P-058 through P-066
  • Quebec: P-160-1
Rb-44 Ontario Rb-56.svg Part-time stopping control Contrôle d'arrêt à temps partiel (horaires précis) parking:lane:conditional=no_stopping @ (times on sign)
  • Alberta: Rb-57
  • British Columbia: Not used
  • Ontario: Rb-56
  • Quebec: P-160-1-G/G/GD
Rb-45 Canada No Stopping in Bus Stop Sign.svg No stopping in bus stop parking:lane=no_stopping
  • Alberta:
  • British Columbia: P-002-04/05
Rb-46 Québec P-170-1.svg No stopping at tracks parking:lane=no_stopping
  • British Columbia: P-064, R-283
  • Quebec: P-170-1
Rb-47 Canada No Parking in Bus Stop Sign.svg No parking in bus stop parking:lane=no_parking
  • British Columbia: P-002-1/2/3
Rb-48 Ontario Rb-61.svg Truck route Route pour camions hgv=designated
  • Alberta: Rb-61
  • British Columbia: R-121-1
  • Quebec: P-120-1, and P-120-12 through P-120-14
Rb-49 Ontario Rb-62.svg No trucks Camions interdit hgv=no
  • Alberta and Ontario: Rb-62
  • British Columbia: R-120-1
  • Quebec: P-130-1
Rb-50 Québec P-200-3.svg Maximum weight Poids maximum maxweight=*
  • Alberta: In use, but is not in provincial sign catalogue.
  • British Columbia: R-030 (units in kilograms instead)
  • Quebec: P-200-3
Rb-51 Ontario Rb-64.svg Snowmobile route Route de motoneige snowmobile=designated
  • Ontario: Rb-64
  • Quebec: P-120-17 through P-120-21 (segregated ski, ATV, snowshoe, equestrian and sled routes)
Rb-52 Ontario Rb-65.svg Snowmobile prohibited Motoneige interdit snowmobile=no
  • British Columbia: R-065
  • Ontario: Rb-65
  • Quebec: P-130-14
Rb-53 Ontario Rc-12.svg Pedestrians prohibited Piétons interdits ?
  • Alberta: Rb-66
  • British Columbia: PS-012
  • Ontario: Rc-12
  • Quebec: P-130-12
Rb-54 Ontario Rb-67.svg Bicycles prohibited Bicyclettes interdit bicycle=no
  • British Columbia: R-081
  • Ontario: Rb-67
  • Quebec: P-130-6
Rb-55 Ontario Rb-39.svg Lane use restriction Restriction d'utilisation de voie Depend on type of vehicle: e.g. hgv:lanes=no where trucks are prohibited on leftmost lane of a three-lane highway
  • Alberta: Rb-68
  • British Columbia: R-120-2
  • Ontario: Rb-39
  • Quebec: P—130-2 (P-130-33 for dangerous goods)
Rb-56 Ontario Rb-82.svg Dangerous goods route Route pour transporteurs de marchandises dangereuses hazmat=designated
  • Alberta: Rb-69
  • British Columbia: R-127 (Hazardous materials route)
  • Ontario: Rb-82
  • Quebec: P-120-4
Rb-57 Ontario Rb-83.svg Dangerous goods carriers prohibited Transporteurs de marchandises dangereuses interdits hazmat=no
  • Alberta: Rb-70
  • British Columbia: R-126 (Hazardous materials prohibited)
  • Ontario: Rb-83
  • Quebec: P-130-3
Rb-58 Canada No Parking Except Physically Disabled Sign.svg No parking except disabled
  • Alberta: Rb-71
  • British Columbia: P-019
  • Ontario: Rb-93
  • Quebec: P-150 series
Rb-59 Canada No Stopping Except Physically Disabled Sign.svg No stopping except disabled * British Columbia: P-019
Rb-60L Canada Pedestrians Move to Left Side to Cross Sign.svg Pedestrians, move to left side to cross
Rb-60R Canada Pedestrians Move to Right Side to Cross Sign.svg Pedestrians, move to right side to cross
Rb-61 Canada Truck Scale Sign.svg Truck scale
  • Alberta: Rb-75
Rb-62 Canada Truck Scale Advance Sign.svg Truck scale ahead * Alberta: Rb-76
Rb-62 Canada Truck Scale Exit Sign.svg Truck scale exit * Alberta: Rb-77 and Rb-77L
Rb-63 Canada No Bicycles on Sidewalk Sign.svg No bicycles on sidewalk Cyclistes interdits sur le trottoir highway=footway+footway=sidewalk+bicycle=no
Rb-64 Ontario road sign Rb-70.svg Cyclists, dismount Cyclistes, descendrez bicycle=dismount
  • British Columbia: B-R-001-2
Rb-65D Ontario Rb-87.svg Four-mode reserved lane (overhead sign)
  • British Columbia: R-200-3 and R-200-4, and R-201-2
  • Ontario: Rb-87
  • Quebec: P-250 series
Rb-66D Canada Two-Mode Reserved Lane Overhead Sign.svg Two-mode reserved lane (overhead sign)
  • British Columbia: R-200-3 series
  • Ontario: Rb-86
  • Quebec: P-250 series
Rb-65L/R Canada Four-Mode Reserved Lane Shoulder Sign.svg Four-mode reserved lane (shoulder sign)
  • British Columbia: R-200-3 and R-200-4, and R-201-2
  • Ontario: Rb-87
  • Quebec: P-250 series
Rb-66L/R Canada Two-Mode Reserved Lane Shoulder Sign.svg Two-mode reserved lane (shoulder sign)
Rb-67 Ontario road sign Rb-76.svg Axle load restriction Limitation de charge par essieu
  • Alberta: Rb-201 (Road ban)
  • British Columbia: R-029
  • Ontario: Rb-76
  • Quebec: P-210
Rb-68 Ontario Rc-10.svg Rollerblading prohibited Patin à roulettes interdit inline_skates=no
  • British Columbia: PS-011-L/R
  • Ontario: Rc-10
Rb-69 Québec P-130-62.svg Motorcycles prohibited Motocyclettes interdites
  • Quebec: P-130-62
Rb-70 Canada No Pedestrians or Motorcycles Sign.svg No pedestrians or motorcycles Piétons ou motocyclettes interdites
Rb-71 Québec P-130-7.svg Off-highway vehicles prohibited Véhicules hors route interdits Quebec: P-130-7
Rb-72 Québec P-130-4.svg Cars prohibited Autos interdits Quebec: P-130-4
Rb-73 Canada No Automobiles or Motorcycles Sign.svg Automobiles or motorcycles prohibited Autos ou motocyclettes interdites
Rb-74 Canada Reserved Bicycle Lane Shoulder Sign.svg Bike lane (overhead sign) Piste cyclable cycleway=lane
  • British Columbia: B-G-010-1
  • Ontario: Rb-84
  • Quebec: P-250-D
Rb-75 Canada End of Reserved Bicycle Lane Sign.svg Bike lane (overhead sign) Piste cyclable cycleway=lane
  • British Columbia: B-G-010-2
Rb-76/76A Canada Shared Path Sign.svg Ontario road sign Rb-71.svg Shared pathway Voie partagée segregated=no might be useful
  • British Columbia: B-G-002
  • Ontario: Rb-76
  • Quebec: P-120-11
Rb-77A Ontario road sign Rb-72b.svg Pedestrians, keep left. Bicycles, keep right Piétons, gardez à gauche. Cyclistes, gardez à droite. segregated=yes
  • British Columbia: B-G-003-1R
  • Ontario: Rb-72d
  • Quebec: P-120-10-D
Rb-77B Ontario road sign Rb-72a.svg Bicycles, keep left. Pedestrians, keep right. Cyclistes, gardez à gauche. Piétons, gardez à droite. segregated=yes
  • British Columbia: B-G-003-1L
  • Ontario: Rb-72a
  • Quebec: P-120-10-G

Rc series (miscellaneous)

MUTCDC sign code Image English French Tags Notes
Rc-1 Canada Do Not Use Engine Brake Sign.svg Do not use engine brake Utilisation des freins moteur interdite
  • Alberta: Rb-209 (alternate message, e.g. "Truckers, use of engine retarder brakes prohibited within city limits")
  • Quebec: P-070-2
Rc-2 Canada Roundabout Inner Lane Left or Right Turn Sign.svg turn:lanes=left;right
Rc-3 Canada Roundabout Inner Lane All Direction Sign.svg turn:lanes=left;through;right
Rc-4 Canada Roundabout Inner Lane Left Turn Sign.svg turn:lanes=left||
Rc-5 Canada Roundabout Inner Lane Left Turn or Straight Ahead Sign.svg turn:lanes=left;through|
Rc-6 Canada Roundabout Middle Lane Left Turn or Straight Ahead Sign.svg turn:lanes=|left;right|
Rc-7 Canada Roundabout Middle Lane Straight Ahead Sign.svg turn:lanes=left;right
Rc-8 Canada Roundabout Outer Lane Right Turn Sign.svg turn:lanes=||right
Rc-9 Canada Roundabout Outer Lane Straight Ahead or Right Turn Sign.svg turn:lanes=|through;right
Rc-10 Canada Roundabout Duel-Lane Movement Sign.svg turn:lanes=*
Rc-11 Canada Right Side Stop Line Marker Sign.svg Stop line
  • Alberta: Rc-4
  • British Columbia: R-025
  • Ontario:
  • Quebec:
Rc-12 Ontario Rc-4.svg Littering prohibited Déchets interdits none
  • Alberta: RC-5
  • British Columbia: R-042 ($2000 maximum penalty for littering. Text-only)
  • Ontario: Rc-4
  • Quebec: P-310
Rc-12t Ontario Rc-4t.svg Fine $500 Amende 500 $ fine=500 CAD Used with no-littering sign. British Columbia places the fine on the same sign (text-only). Ontario has a variant of the no-littering sign with fine posted on the same board.
Rc-13 Québec P-300.svg Seat belt Ceinture de sécurité none
  • Alberta: Rc-6
  • British Columbia: I-104
  • Quebec: P-300
Rc-14 Canada Avoid Engine Brake Sign.svg Avoid engine brake Éviter l'utilisation des frein moteur
  • Alberta: Rb-209 (Truckers, please avoid use of engine retarder brakes)
  • Quebec: P-070-2