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A place that sells ice cream and frozen yoghurt over the counter. Edit or translate this description.
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Ice cream shop or ice cream parlour. A place that sells ice cream and frozen yoghurt over the counter.

Ice cream may be sold in two varieties in these stores: soft-serve ice cream (normally with just chocolate, vanilla, and "twist", a mix of the two), and hard-packed, which has an assortment of flavours, as well as frozen yoghurt, which is a low-fat alternative and tastes slightly different from ice cream. Ice cream and frozen yoghurt are sold in ice cream cones, sundaes, and milkshakes. Some parlours may also sell gelato, ice cream cakes, and ice cream bars at these places. In addition to ice cream and frozen yoghurt, ice cream parlours may even sell a variety of hot foods.
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Comment cartographier ?

Définissez un nœud nœud au centre de l’objet ou tracez une zone zone le long du contour. Tag it with amenity=ice_cream and name=*.

État actuel des choses

There is disagreement on whether amenity=ice_cream should be used or whether shop=ice_cream should be used. The meaning of both tags are about the same (the difference being amenity=ice_cream for some reason may be used for frozen yogurts too).

An alternative approach for tagging the same thing would be to tag it with cuisine=ice_cream, together with amenity=fast_food or amenity=cafe. This seems to be the most popular way of doing it.


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