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This is a proposal for standardized road classifications in Oregon as part of a larger discussion about classification standards nationwide (United States/Highway classification). You're free to add on and edit the contents of this page.

Functional class

Generally, road classifications in Oregon should follow the Federal Functional Class determined by ODOT with a few exceptions listed below.

Functional class to OSM highway classifications
Federal Functional Class OSM Highway Classification
  • Rural Interstate
  • Urban Interstate
  • Other Urban Fwys & Expressways
  • Other Rural Principal Arterial
  • Other Urban Principal Arterial
Trunk/Primary (see below)
  • Rural Minor Arterial
  • Rural Major Collector
  • Urban Minor Arterial
  • Urban Collector
  • Rural Minor Collector
  • Urban Minor Collector
  • Rural Local
  • Urban Local


Trunk roads

Oregon currently uses trunk roads sparingly. It might be helpful to distinguish primary roads that are more important to others and not just look at the physical characteristics of the road.

Regional centers

The following cities in and around Oregon are considered important regional centers:

  • Portland, OR
  • Boise, ID
  • Eugene, OR
  • Redding, CA
  • Reno, NV
  • Medford, OR
  • Bend, OR
  • Crescent City, CA
  • Yakima, WA
  • Walla Walla, WA
  • Madras, OR
  • Salem, OR
  • Corvallis, OR
  • Astoria, OR
  • Klamath Falls, OR
  • Lincoln City, OR
  • Pendleton, OR
  • Newport, OR
  • Coos Bay, OR
  • Florence, OR
  • McMinnville, OR
  • Newberg, OR

Proposed trunk routes

The following routings are the principal routes between pairs of important population centers, and not serviced by highway=motorway, and thus should be tagged highway=trunk. Other routes not listed here might be listed here.

Trunk routing Destinations Notes Status
Highways From To
US 95 NV state line ID state line Reno, NV ↔ Boise, ID Completed in changeset 115537395 completed
US 101 CA state line WA state line Crescent City, CA ↔ Coos Bay, OR ↔ Newport, OR ↔ Astoria, OR Matches proposed trunk tagging in Washington and California.

Completed in changesets 115960374 (CA state line-Coos Bay), 115961165 (Coos Bay-Lincoln City), and 115961497 (Lincoln City-WA state line)

US 97 CA state line WA state line Redding, CA ↔ Klamath Falls, OR ↔ Bend, OR ↔ Yakima, WA Matches proposed trunk tagging in Washington and California.

Completed in changeset 115985063

OR 18/OR 99W US 101 I 5 Lincoln City, OR ↔ McMinnville, OR ↔ Newberg, OR ↔ Portland, OR Alternative route through Tualatin-Sherwood to I 5

Completed in changeset 115961862

US 199/OR 99 US 101 I 5 Exits 55 and 58 Crescent City, CA ↔ Medford, OR/Eugene, OR Matches proposed trunk tagging in California.
Completed in changeset 116129292
US 30 Astoria-Megler Bridge I 405 Astoria, OR ↔ Portland, OR Completed in changeset 116084749 completed

US 26

I 84 US 97 Portland, OR ↔ Bend, OR Completed in changeset 115991854 completed
US 26 US 101 OR 6 Ocean Beaches ↔ Portland, OR Completed in changeset 115992117 completed
OR 22/US 20/OR 201 OR 18 US 20 Lincoln City, OR ↔ Salem, OR ↔ Bend, OR ↔ Ontario, OR ↔ Boise, ID Completed in changeset 116000390 completed
OR 58 I 5 US 97 Eugene, OR ↔ Central Oregon Includes the Crescent Cutoff Road as part of the Eugene-Bend corridor
Completed in changeset 116030740
OR 62/OR 140/OR 39/CA 139/CA 299/US 395 I 5 I 80 Medford, OR ↔ Klamath Falls, OR ↔ Reno, NV Oregon section completed in changeset 116150261 completed
OR 126 US 101 OR 569 Florence, OR ↔ Eugene, OR Completed in changeset 116129325 completed
OR 126 US 20 US 26 Salem, OR ↔ Redmond, OR ↔ Prineville, OR Completed in changeset 116150406 completed
US 20/OR 34 US 101 I 5 Newport, OR ↔ Corvallis, OR Completed in changeset 116030580 completed
OR 331/OR 11 I 84 WA state line Boise, ID ↔ Pendleton, OR ↔ Walla Walla, WA Doesn't match proposed trunk tagging in Washington.
Completed in changeset 116084787
US 730 I 82 WA state line Portland, OR ↔ Walla Walla, WA Completed in changeset 116184683 completed
OR 224/OR 212 OR 99E US 26 Portland, OR Completed in changeset 116184904 completed
OR 99/OR 99W OR 569 OR 18 Eugene ↔ Corvallis ↔ McMinnville Completed in changeset 117441969 completed
OR 219/McKay Road/Yergen Road/Ehlen Road OR 18 I-5 Newberg ↔ Salem Completed in changeset 117441552 completed
Glencoe Road/Zion Church Road/
Cornelius-Schefflin Road/Verboort Road/
Martin Road/OR 47/OR 99W
US 26 OR 18 Portland ↔ Forest Grove ↔ McMinnville Completed in 117615099 completed

When upgrading

  • Tag your changesets with #us-highway-classification and a state-prefixed version (like #or-highway-classification). This will allow tracking of this effort in other tools and let us get some ballpark numbers later on of what ended up going into this project on the editing side.
  • Make sure to also upgrade links


Completed: Route has been upgraded

Approved: Route has been approved and is in progress of being upgraded

Confirmed: Route has been confirmed by another person

Proposed: Route might be a trunk

What about existing trunk roads?

Existing trunk roads in Oregon based off physical characteristics had an expressway=yes tag added to them. Trunk stubs, except for a few exceptions listed below, should be downgraded to the class it is after the expressway ends.


  • OR 126 provides access to Prineville

Primary roads

Primary roads are an intermediate class between trunk and secondary roads. They provide important connections between smaller cities or large towns, or some of the most important local routes through areas of high or moderate population, but may not have as much traffic or be as important to the road network overall as trunk roads.

Proposed primary routes

Roads that only serve as loops off an interstate into small cities or large towns are not included in this list, as they are more reminiscent of urban roads (e.g. US 30 in The Dalles).

Rural primary outside of Willamette Valley

Corridor Endpoints Notes
OR 52 ID to OR 201 I could see the justification for downgrading to secondary considering how closely it parallels US 95.
OR 201/US 95S I-84 to ID
US 20 ID to OR 201
OR 203 OR 237 to I-84 Should OR 237 between OR 203 and I-84 south of here also be primary? I think it shouldn't, because the vast majority of people are going to be going to La Grande from Union. But I could see the justification, to avoid having a spur primary road.
OR 11 I-84 to OR 331
OR 207 I-84 to US 730
US 395 I-84 to US 730
US 395 US 26 to I-84
US 395 US 20 to US 26
US 395 OR 31 to US 20 Based on significance to Oregon alone this would probably be secondary. However, it forms part of possibly the best route from Redding, CA to Boise, ID, bringing it up to primary.
US 395/OR 31 CA to US 97
US 197 US 97 to WA
OR 35/Hood River Bridge US 26 to WA
OR 282/281 OR 35 to US 30 OR 35 bypasses the main part of the Hood River Valley. It's instead his route that serves all the population in the valley so I believe it should be primary.
US 30/Bridge of the Gods I-84 to WA
OR 62/230 OR 140 to OR 138
OR 66/99 I-5 Exit 14 to I-5 Exit 35 Closely parallels I-5, but connects a large number of decent-sized communities.
OR 138 I-5 to OR 38
OR 47 US 26 to US 30
OR 6 US 101 to US 26
OR 22 US 101 to OR 18
OR 38/OR 99 US 101 to I-5 Exit 162
OR 42 US 101 to I-5
OR 42S US 101 to OR 42
OR 238 US 199 to I-5 Doesn't provide the fastest route between any two cities, but gives access to a large number of areas between Grants Pass and Medford. It also has higher traffic than other secondary routes in the area. I think it's just enough to be primary.
OR 34/US 20 I-5 to OR 22
OR 126 OR 126B to US 20 I could see the justification for upgrading to trunk, It is clearly a less-important route than the other trunk routes over the Oregon Cascades (US 26, OR 22, OR 58, OR 140), but it is clearly also a more-important route than the other primary routes (OR 35, US 20, OR 138, OR 62/230). To get to Bend from Eugene it's quicker to take OR 58 to the Crescent Cutoff Road, which I think pushes it just into primary territory over trunk.
OR 138 I-5 to US 97
US 26/OR 7 US 97 to I-84 Most traffic will take OR 7 to Baker City rather than continue on US 26 east of the junction. I see no justification for keeping that part of US 26 primary; it serves no important connections at all.
OR 370 US 97 to OR 126 A borderline primary or secondary route; wouldn't complain either way. It's the best route from northern Redmond to Prineville, but it closely parallels the trunk OR 126 coridor. I think it just squeaks over the line into primary territory.
OR 140 OR 39 to US 395
OR 78 US 20 to US 95
US 730 I-84 to I-82
OR 82 I-84 to OR 350 Routes like this are why a rule of having no primary spur routes would be stupid. It's a blatant primary connecting multiple decent-sized communities, and it's the only feasible route into those communities.
US 30 I-84 Exit 376 to ID

Rural primary in Willamette Valley

As of 16 February 2022, I have classified all rural Willamette Valley roads as primary that I think should be. These are mostly roads that form the best route between any large towns in the valley that don't meet the trunk criteria. Any feedback is welcome.