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Riding hall
Proposal status: Inactive (inactive)
Proposed by: Hufkratzer
Tagging: building=riding_hall
Applies to: area
Definition: A building that was built as a riding hall

Rendered as: like building=yes
Draft started: 2016-11-15


building=riding_hall can be used for a building that was built as a riding hall (for indoor horse riding). This special type of building is explained in wikipedia:Riding hall. The tag can also be used for lungeing halls.

Photos used in Wikipedia:


  • A riding hall is especially designed for horse riding and not a sports hall for sport=multi like in schools or sports centres. Although it is a hall for equestrian sports, nobody calls it a sports hall. That's why it has its own wikipedia page: wikipedia:Riding hall.
  • A riding hall may be re-purposed (compare building:use=*) and nevertheless continue to be a riding hall (see Examples).


Additional photos

Re-purposed riding hall

München Oberwiesenfeld Reithalle.JPG

Munich - DE / / way OSM


In OSM currently (November 2016) we have about 3900 leisure=horse_riding and more than 2100 buildings with sport=equestrian. Most of these buildings are probably riding halls.



Tag a riding hall with building=riding_hall, but only if it was built and looks like one.

building=yes in combination with other tags (see below) is not sufficient to express that. Compare External Discussions.

Combination with sport=equestrian

building=riding_hall can be combined with sport=equestrian, but it does not necessarily have to. sport=equestrian does not mark a building as a riding hall, it can be used with other buildings as well (e.g. building=roof).

Combination with leisure=pitch

A riding hall that is used like intended contains a riding school or arena that can additionally be tagged with leisure=pitch (+ sport=equestrian), see also Riding. A riding hall does usually contain just one of them and in this case it is not a leisure=sports_centre which is a "sports facility covering a larger area, which may include pitches as well as sports halls" (from leisure=pitch, in accordance with DE:Tag:amenity=school for sports halls).

Adjacent stables

Often there are adjacent stables, sometimes riding hall and stables are under a common roof. For these cases see hints in Buildings#Tagging and Tag:building=stable#How_to_map.

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Nothing special needed, just like building=yes.

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