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Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: Vɑdɪm
Tagging: leisure=sunbathing
Applies to: node area
Definition: an outdoor location where people can sunbathe
Drafted on: 2019-08-21
RFC start: 2019-09-02


Key Value Element Comment Example Icon
leisure sunbathing node area an outdoor location where people can wiktionary:sunbathe  


There is no currently a standard way to tag an outdoor location (probably designated) where people can practice sunbathing. Swimming and bathing suggests using landuse=grass to tag a lawn for sunbathing which is actually more suitable for a lawn in general than for a sunbathing area specifically.

Such locations can be usually found next to swimming and bathing areas like beaches and swimming pools, for example at a leisure=beach_resort. But they can also be located somewhere else there is no accessible beach or even access to the water available.


  • a designated sunbathing area at the park in Moscow. There are some sunshades installed. Albeight it is located next to a pond, there is no beach there, there isn't a suitable descent to the water and swimming is prohibited there


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