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Cîteva editoare pot fi utilizate pentru a edita baza de date OpenStreetMap.

Creare Cont

Înainte de a începe editarea datelor trebuie să vă creați un cont OSM

Alegerea editorului

  • Potlatch is the easiest editor to use. It is found on the 'Edit' tab of the main map, and is ideal for quick editing contributions, saving changes back to the OSM server instantaneously.
  • JOSM is currently the most popular editor. It is a standalone Java application (requires Java 1.6) which allows fluid zooming, panning, and editing of a locally stored dataset, before uploading changes in a batch.
  • Merkaartor is a stand-alone cross-platform editor. Binary for Windows, source for other platforms.

The editor comparison page may help you decide which editor is best for you.

In the past there were some other choices such as Osmeditor (QT) and osmpedit, however these are no longer maintained, and no longer interface with the latest protocol (meaning they don't work)

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