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Countrywide Store Melton Mowbray.jpg
A Country Store is a UK term for a shop selling a range of goods specifically aimed at country dwellers. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Shops
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Status: de facto

A country store is a UK term for shops selling a range of goods specifically aimed at country dwellers. Typical categories are: outdoor clothing and footwear, (particularly for hunting, riding etc), saddlery and other equestrian supplies, garden supplies, garden machinery for large gardens, pet supplies, feedstuffs for horses and other animals, fuel such as LPG. Typical customers may have large gardens, paddocks or small holdings, but are not traditional farmers.

In the UK Countrywide Farmers, trading as Countrywide have 71 stores, but there are many independents. The UK trade magazine Retail Week' refers to the category as rural supplies.

Recent discussion on IRC suggested that similar shops are readily recognisable in Norway & Denmark. Over 4,000 are tagged in the US.

The large US retail chain [W] Tractor Supply Company (TSC), which has over 1100 stores, may belong in this category too. (See discussion on this diary entry).

How to map

As with other types of shops, place the shop=country_store tag on a node node at the centre point of the building, or draw an area area around the building outline.

Useful combination

Similar tags

  • shop=hardware - Some overlap, with product types, particularly kitchenware & homewares, but hardware is more typically about nuts and bolts and tools etc.
  • shop=variety_store - shop selling goods in a number of disparate but well defined categories (as distinct to the less general meaning of one selling purely at a cheap price point).

Various other tags have a clearer overlap:

  • shop=agrarian - Probably the most popular tag in the category, but awkward as the word in this context is an adjective not a noun (agrarian as a noun refers to people with particular views on land tenure).
  • shop=farm_supplies - Also used for places solely selling animal feed or seeds.
  • shop=agricultural_supplies - As above