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Timber yard of Travis Perkins builders merchants - geograph.org.uk - 1025761.jpg
A place of business that sells to a particular trade or trades, but normally also retails to normal consumers. Edit or translate this description.
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Group: Shops
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A place of business that sells to a particular trade or trades, but normally also retails to normal consumers. Examples include building supplies, timber yards, plumbing specialists, agricultural supplies and so on. The most general tag should usually be used, where, for example, a building supplier includes timber as well as cement, bricks, etc. In some places this would also be called construction materials.

How to map

Set a node or draw as an area along the shop outline. Tag it with shop=trade and name=*. If the shop specializes in one or more trades, add trade=*. For an industrial supply store that doesn't specialize in a particular trade, omit the trade=* tag.

Tags used in combination

  • addr=* - the address of this feature
  • opening_hours=* - hours of opening
  • website=* - website of this feature
  • phone=* - phone number of this feature
  • operator=* - indicates the operator or name of the company operating this feature
  • trade=* - precise description of the merchandise
    • trade=agricultural_supplies - equipment for agriculture (how is this different from shop=agrarian?)
    • trade=building_supplies - building materials
    • trade=catering_supplies - kitchen supplies, cutlery, spices, crockery and other items, mostly aimed at professional catering services (including restaurants, cafes etc)
    • trade=plumbing - pipe installation
    • trade=tiles - tile market
    • trade=timber - wood trade
    • trade=windows - window traders

Similar tags

  • shop=hardware - A shop where you can buy screws and bolts, nails, hooks and other metal materials as well as metal tools. A hardware shop will often stock a wide range of products which can include building, electrical, plumbing supplies, garden tools, power tools, kitchenware, homeware, locks, keys, and a key-cutting. TODO: document how to distinguish
  • shop=doityourself - A Do-it-Yourself-store (DIY for short) offers supplies for doing things yourself - household repairs and improvements, making things from wood and other materials. For example: paint, drilling machine, light-bulbs, screw-driver, bbq-stuff TODO: document how to distinguish