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Public-images-osm logo.svg shop = mall
Cevahir Mall.jpg
A group of stores, typically associated with a single building structure. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Shops
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The tag shop=mall refers generally to a shopping mall or "shopping center" in the North American sense or a "shopping centre" in the European sense. Broadly speaking, given a single building with multiple commercial retail stores where the entrances to the stores let onto a common enclosed area, this may be referred to as a shopping mall. In this case, the entrances typically face in-ward or toward one another. This tag may also be applied to the arrangement where there are multiple buildings, each with multiple commercial retail stores whose entrances are on the outer margins of the buildings.

Shopping malls are often thought of as a modern creation, but Victorian shopping arcades would also be covered by this tag. Also it may be appropriate for old mill buildings converted to retail.

How to Map

Because of their size, we'll mostly be mapping these as an area area around outline of the building (perhaps also with a building=retail tag).

For rapid mapping the tag might appear on a single node in the center of the mall (People can refine it to be an area later)

Also add a name=* for the mall

Shops within a mall

The approach for mapping shops within the mall would be to represent these things as separate elements (nodes, or even perhaps areas within the mall area) This throws up some interesting questions about the level of detail we might go for, and how to deal with multi-level malls.

See discussion on this page. Note that the same issues can crop up for other "containers" such as railway stations with lots of shops in them. Also see Indoor Mapping and Indoor/use cases#Shopping Centers.



Proposed features/Mall is an approved proposal for the shop=mall tag.

Proposed features/Indoor Shopping Centre - an abandoned proposal

Similar tags:

  • landuse=retail - An area with lots of retail. Note: Sometimes a set of separate retail outlets (shops) can be grouped to form a "retail park". This might start to be similar to a shopping mall. If there's a shared indoor space, like an atrium connecting all the shops, then it starts to be more of a "mall".