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Marşrutlar (route)

Həmçinin bax Relation:route.

Key Value Element Təsvir İşarə Foto
route bicycle relation Velosiped (bax Cycle routes
route bus relation Avtobus
route canoe relation Signed route for canoeing through a waterway.
Canoe route lkn.png
route detour relation Route for fixed detour routes. Examples are Bedarfsumleitung in Germany and uitwijkroute in the Netherlands Zeichen 463 - Bedarfsumleitung (rechts), StVO 1970.svg
route ferry way relation Bərə
Route ferry.png
route foot relation Walking Route - is used for routes which are walkable without any limitations regarding fitness, equipment or weather conditions.
State Foot2.svg
route hiking relation Turistik piyada (bax Hiking)
Hærvejen vandretureskilt.jpg
route horse relation Riding routes
Hawick Circular Riding Route - geograph.org.uk - 592357.jpg
route inline_skates relation Inline has more information on the subject.
Signalisation Skatingroute.svg
route light_rail relation Route of a light rail line.
S-Bahn Berlin Baureihe 481.jpg
route mtb relation dağ velosipedləri üçün (bax Mountainbike)
Mountain bikers this way^ - geograph.org.uk - 744534.jpg
route piste way relation Route of a piste (e.g., snowshoe or XC-Ski trails) in a winter sport area.
Snowshoe trail.jpg
route railway relation Особые, именованные участки железнодорожных путей (Например "Туннель под каналом"). Смотрите также Железнодорожные пути.
Railway tracks.jpg
route road relation Может быть использовано для разнообразных дорожных маршрутов или длинных дорог
2014-05-16 15 58 16 Sign for Interstate 95 northbound on Interstate 95 in Ewing, New Jersey.JPG
route running relation For running (jogging) routes.
route ski relation Xizək
Langlauf Loipe.jpg
route subway relation Route of a metro service
route train relation Dəmiryol marşrutları. route=railway ilə səhf salmayın
Transports Publics du Chablais - Zuglaufschild - 01.jpg
route tracks relation Railroad track as rail infrastructure.
Railway tracks.jpg
route tram relation Tramvay
route trolleybus relation The route of a trolleybus service.
Trådbuss Landskrona.JPG
route Задаётся пользователем relation На странице Taginfo Statistic pictogramm.png есть еще частоупотребляемые теги.

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