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路徑 (route)


關鍵字(key) 值 (value) 幾何 (element) 描述 (desc) 地圖標註 (render) 照片 (photo)
route bicycle relation Cycle_routes內詳細解釋如何標記自行車路線。
route bus relation 標記公車路線。詳見Buses
route canoe relation 標記獨木舟的水路航線。
Canoe route lkn.png
route detour relation 用來標記改道路線。 Zeichen 463 - Bedarfsumleitung (rechts), StVO 1970.svg
route ferry way relation 標記渡輪碼頭之間的路線。若要容易辨識,請至少在一格地圖區域內標記一個點(縮放12級),或在每幾公里標記點會更好。
Ferry route mapnik.png
route foot relation Walking Route - is used for routes which are walkable without any limitations regarding fitness, equipment or weather conditions.
route hiking relation hiking內詳細解釋如何標記登山路線。
Hærvejen vandretureskilt.jpg
route horse relation 標記馬匹的行進路線。
Hawick Circular Riding Route - geograph.org.uk - 592357.jpg
route inline_skates relation Inline has more information on the subject.
Signalisation Skatingroute.svg
route light_rail relation 標記快捷鐵路系統(S-Bahn)的車班路線。
S-Bahn Berlin Baureihe 481.jpg
route mtb relation Mountainbike內詳細解釋如何標記登山自行車路線。
Mountain bikers this way^ - geograph.org.uk - 744534.jpg
route piste relation 在冬季運動場地內標記滑雪路線。
Snowshoe trail.jpg
route railway relation 標記鐵路路線,詳見Railways
Railway tracks.jpg
route road relation 標記道路路線。
2014-05-16 15 58 16 Sign for Interstate 95 northbound on Interstate 95 in Ewing, New Jersey.JPG
route running relation 標記慢跑路線。
route ski relation 標記滑冰路線。
Langlauf Loipe.jpg
route subway relation Route of a metro service
route train relation 標記火車行駛路線,詳見Railways
Transports Publics du Chablais - Zuglaufschild - 01.jpg
route tracks relation Railroad track as rail infrastructure.
route tram relation 標記路面電車/輕軌路線,詳見Trams
route trolleybus relation The route of a trolleybus service.
Trådbuss Landskrona.JPG
route 使用者自訂 node area Taginfo查詢常用標籤值

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