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My name is Federica Gaspari. I'm a graduate in Environmental and Land Planning Engineering at Politecnico di Milano (Milano, Italy), where I got a BSc in 2017 and MSc in 2020. From January to June 2019 I've spent six months abroad for my Erasmus Exchange Programme in Grenoble (France) at Université Grenoble Alpes. From December 2020 to October 2022, I was part of the LabMGF group as a temporary Research Fellow at Politecnico di Milano - Piacenza Campus. In November 2022 I began my PhD in Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering at Politecnico di Milano focused on geomatic methods for control and security of bridge infrastructures. I am a member and a co-founder of PoliMappers, the first European chapter of the international association YouthMappers. Since 2019, I'm a part of the Officer Board, formerly as Communication Responsible and currently as one of the Faculty Advisors.

On August 3rd I started the Geospatial Data Quality 3-months internship with the Humanitarian OSM Team, whose aim is to prepare interns to review the quality of data, carry out mapping and validation, as well as provide feedback to mappers on HOT remote mapping projects including activations. This involved learning and using new and existing OSM Quality Assurance tools to improve the quality of data in OpenStreetMap.

From October 2020 to June 2022 I was a teacher and tutor for the Openstreetmap: il database geografico collaborativo per la conoscenza del territorio remote courses organised by Wikimedia Italia.


You can contact me through my Twitter account Twitter user@fede_gaspari or LinkedIn page LinkedIn user federicagaspari.

Where you can "find me" on the map?

  • Since September 2021: Following a university field work, updating of OSM data in the area of Arvo Lake in Calabria using Go Map!! and JOSM.
  • Since January 2021: Completion and updating of OSM data in the area of Bobbio, a municipality located in the Piacenza province. These activities consist in a combination of in situ mapping - using Go Map!! and Mapillary - and of remote mapping and validation of existent features. Mapillary News - February 2021

PoliMappers Affiliation

PoliMappers logo.

In november 2016 I was within the co-founders of PoliMappers, a mapping group in my university and the first European chapter of the YouthMappers network. Since the foundation, I contributed to remote mapping tasks on the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Tasking Manager platform, with particular attention to disaster preparedness and response causes. However, I had also the opportunity to coordinate and take part in the field mapping activities promoted by PoliMappers, like mapathons focused on the training and the use of innovative mobile open source tools.

During my third year of affiliation in 2019 I've been elected as a member of the PoliMappers officer board for the a.y. 2019-2020 in the position of Social Media and Communication Responsible. My main duties were to coordinate the official external and internal communication as well as to get in touch with other mapping groups and YouthMappers chapters. COVID-19 strongly affected the activity planning for the months I've been in charge but with the entire PoliMappers board I've actively contributed in the migration from in presence meeting to virtual event and mapathon, enabling also the possibility to get in touch with other international groups. After finishing my studies at Politecnico di Milano, I've been voted as one of the Faculty Advisors, helping the event organisation and keeping contact with the community.

Projects with PoliMappers

  • Architecture for Smart City Collaboration - Mapillary mapping

In May 2020 I collaborated with IMMdesignlab for the Architecture for Smart City course at Politecnico di Milano - Piacenza campus introducing 80 students to the world of Volunteered Geographic Information and open geospatial data using Mapillary and OpenStreetMap for mapping shops in Piacenza.

The results of the project have been illustrated on a YouthMappers blog post and mentioned on Mapillary newsletter for May and October 2020.

  • PoliMappers Adventures 2020 - 2021

During December 2020 and 2021, in the occasion of the Christmas advent calendar, I've contributed on the planning and coordination of the weekly OSM-related tasks linked to the annual edition of the PoliMappers adventures, the traditional mapping challenge designed by the chapter. This edition consisted of weekly thematic quests focused on specific topic or on the use of particular mapping tools. More information and details about the project on PoliMappers/Adventures2020 and PoliMappers/Adventures2021.

  • The European Missing Maps Mapathon

The COVID-19 emergency seriously affected the organisation of mapping events, changing the perspective also on the format and development of community meeting. The virtual PoliMappers events made possible to get in touch with other dynamic and enthusiast mapping teams from all over the world. In February 2021 it was then possible to organise the first PoliMappers/European Missing Maps Mapathon in cooperation with HuMap from Trier University (Germany) and UNIPO Mappers from University of Presov (Slovakia).

  • Collaborative and Humanitarian Mapping (2021 Edition)

In the second semester of the academic year 2020/2021 (January to June 2021), I've been part of the organising team responsible for the design of the PoliMappers/Collaborative and Humanitarian Mapping 2021, an innovative teaching course included in the Passion in Action catalogue from Politecnico di Milano. The course consisted in a series of 7 meetings exploring the OpenStreetMap potential and introducing OSM editors and open-source tools. In particular, I was responsible for the preparation of the teaching material for lesson #03 Mapping informal settlements with Mapillary and OSM and #04 Humanitarian Mapping with Map for Future.

Wikimedia Italia projects

OpenStreetMap trainings

Group picture 2020 course

From 2020 to 2022 I've been part of the team of OSM teachers and tutors for the five editions of the course entitled OpenStreetMap: il database geografico collaborativo per la conoscenza del territorio aimed at introducing secondary school teachers to the world of OpenStreetMap and its tool, developing collaborative projects together with their students. A total of approximately 90 high school professors took part in the 5 editions.

In 2023 I contributed to the OSM-related projects at the Istituto Comprensivo Morosini Manara in Milano. The project, awarded by Wikimedia Italia within the framework of Wiki-Imparare 2022, introduced students from middle school to OpenStreetMap for humanitarian mapping, for local trees mapping, uMap for creating dynamic maps and WikiVoyage dinamic map templates for including interactive maps in pages.


Co-founder of cOSMopolIT, a volunteers' group based in Italy established in 2021, born to address inclusion, representation and diversity in the OpenStreetMap community. The group aims to organize virtual meetings and collaborations with other Diversity and Inclusion groups active in the Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) world with the idea of creating a network to share knowledge and experiences. The objective is to understand and highlight what can be done to have more inclusive communities and how these groups could work together to ensure safer and more welcoming spaces where everyone's voice could count and be heard.

Other projects and activities


  • June: participation in the 15-days OSM Monsoon Mapping Challenge organised by Youth Innovation Lab and YouthMappers.
  • January 30: official presentation of cOSMopolIT in occasion of the 5th Birthday of the italian OpenStreetMap local chapter organised by Wikimedia Italia.


  • November 7-20 - Female Leaders in OSM Program: 2-weeks mapping and validating project was coordinated by (Youth Innovation Lab) with the contribution of Autralian Aid, UK Aid and World Food Programme. 15 female OSMers were involved in the mapping and validation of unmapped roads, trails and buildings of the Dolpa region in Nepal (World Food Programme Nepal post). Week 1: Mapping focused on building features, water bodies, road networks and forest cover areas in Nepal (Task #9259, #9260 and #9261). Week 2: Validation of tasks mapped in the previous week.

Humanitarian OSM Team - Data Quality Internship

The 12-week experience has been mentioned on the YouthMappers 3rd Quarterly Newsletter of 2020 and the thoughts and the outcomes of the program have been shared on a YM blog written by Aman KC and me in collaboration with Dina Jovanovic, Faqih Rohmatulloh, Said Othman Suleiman and Tebogo Syanjibu.

  • October 19-25 - Week 12: HOT Data Quality Internship 2020 - Offboarding call
  • October 12-18 - Week 11: Mapping and validation activities on Tasks #8294, #9181 and #9194.
  • October 5-11 - Week 10: Mapping and validation activities on Tasks #8294, #9181 and #9194.
  • September 28-October 4 - Week 9: Introduction to Overpass Turbo and Umap: select/filter OSM data, extract/export data, improving data quality with Overpass and creating simple webmaps using Umap.
  • September 21-27 - Week 8: Webinar and training on data quality assurance with QGIS: downloading, editing and analysing OSM data.
  • September 14-20 - Week 7: Webinar with introduction to QGIS with a special focus on the graphic interface and tools for creating a basic map layout through the manipulation of vector data. Mapping and validation activities on Tasks #8293, #9055 and #9181.
  • September 7-13 - Week 6: Training session covering Quality Assurance Tools such as OSMCha, OSM Inspector, Keep Right and Osmose. Mapping and validation activities on Tasks #8293 and #9055.
  • August 31-September 6 - Week 5: Training on the use of Map Roulette and Map Paint Styles. Mapping and validations activities on Tasks #8293 and #9055.
  • August 24-30 - Week 4: Validation with JOSM training sessions. Mapping and validation activities on Tasks #8991, #8292 and #9055.
  • August 17-23 - Week 3: Advanced JOSM training sessions. Mapping and validation activities on Tasks #8991, #8292 and #9055.
  • August 10-16 - Week 2: JOSM training sessions and validation on South Sudan Floods project (Task #9055).
  • August 3-9 - Week 1: Mapping activities for COVID19 and Hurricane Season preparedness in Jamaica (Task #8991) and in Mozambique (Task #8292) (#HOTdataqualityinternship).

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  • October 1, 2021:
  • August 16, 2021:
  • January 30, 2021:
    • Official presentation of cOSMopolIT, the diversity and inclusion group of the OpenStreetMap Italia community, during the virtual party for the 5th anniversary of the OSM Local Chapter (Slides - Video - WikiMedia Italia post)
  • December 4, 2020:
  • September 29, 2020:
    • Introduction to OpenStreetMap (Webinar for the Geoinformatics Engineering course at Politecnico di Milano) Slides
  • May 18, 2020:
    • Volunteered Geographic Information (PoliMappers @ Architecture for Smart City course) Slides
    • Mapillary: Introduction Guide (PoliMappers @ Architecture for Smart City course) Slides

Publications about OpenStreetMap

  • Ruzindana, E., Gaspari, F., Ntakobangize, E., Ponti, C., Biraghi, C. A., Kilsedar, C. E., Tadi, M., Muindi, Z., Agenga, P., and Mugeha,: Open Data Addressing Challenges Associated with Informal Settlements in the Global South. In: Solís, P., Zeballos, M. (eds) Open Mapping towards Sustainable Development Goals. Sustainable Development Goals Series. Springer, Cham., 2023
  • Raviscioni, S., Rojas Bolanos, M. A., Gaspari, F., Ponti, C., Biraghi, C. A., and Tadi, M.: COLLABORATIVE MAPPING STRATEGY IN SUPPORT OF SLUM UPGRADING: THE CASE OF BOGOTÁ, Int. Arch. Photogramm. Remote Sens. Spatial Inf. Sci., XLIII-B4-2022, 273–280,, 2022.
  • Gaspari, F., Stucchi, L., Bratic, G., Jovanovic, D., Ponti, C., Biagi, L. G. A., and Brovelli, M. A.: INNOVATION IN TEACHING: THE POLIMAPPERS COLLABORATIVE AND HUMANITARIAN MAPPING COURSE AT POLITECNICO DI MILANO, Int. Arch. Photogramm. Remote Sens. Spatial Inf. Sci., XLVI-4/W2-2021, 63–69,, 2021.