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路徑 (route)


關鍵字(key) 值 (value) 幾何 (element) 描述 (desc) 地圖標註 (render) 照片 (photo)
route bicycle relation Cycle_routes內詳細解釋如何標記自行車路線。
route bus relation 標記公車路線。詳見Buses
route canoe relation 標記獨木舟的水路航線。
Canoe route lkn.png
route evacuation relation Emergency evacuation routes, with direction, for various types of emergencies.
Hurricane Route sign Tulane Avenue floodlines.jpg
route detour relation 用來標記改道路線。 Zeichen 463 - Bedarfsumleitung (rechts), StVO 1970.svg
route ferry way relation 標記渡輪碼頭之間的路線。若要容易辨識,請至少在一格地圖區域內標記一個點(縮放12級),或在每幾公里標記點會更好。
Ferry route mapnik.png
route fitness_trail relation Fitness trails consist of a path or course equipped with obstacles or stations distributed along its length for exercising the human body.
Exercise post.jpg
route hiking relation hiking內詳細解釋如何標記登山路線。
Hærvejen vandretureskilt.jpg
route horse relation 標記馬匹的行進路線。
Hawick Circular Riding Route - geograph.org.uk - 592357.jpg
route inline_skates relation Inline has more information on the subject.
Signalisation Skatingroute.svg
route light_rail relation 標記快捷鐵路系統(S-Bahn)的車班路線。
S-Bahn Berlin Baureihe 481.jpg
route motorboat relation Signed motorboat routes.
route mtb way relation Mountainbike內詳細解釋如何標記登山自行車路線。
Mountain bikers this way^ - geograph.org.uk - 744534.jpg
route nordic_walking way relation 標記北歐式健走(nordic walking)路線。
route pipeline relation 標記管線、管線標記和管線站。
route piste relation 在冬季運動場地內標記滑雪路線。
Snowshoe trail.jpg
route power relation 用來標示同條路線的電路路線。
Stromleitung Reicheneck, Rommelsbach, Sondelfingen - West - 20090909-03.jpeg
route railway relation 標記鐵路路線,詳見Railways
Railway tracks.jpg
route road relation 標記道路路線。
2014-05-16 15 58 16 Sign for Interstate 95 northbound on Interstate 95 in Ewing, New Jersey.JPG
route running relation 標記慢跑路線。
route ski relation 標記滑冰路線。
Langlauf Loipe.jpg
route train relation 標記火車行駛路線,詳見Railways
Transports Publics du Chablais - Zuglaufschild - 01.jpg
route tram relation 標記路面電車/輕軌路線,詳見Trams
route User defined node area All commonly used values according to Taginfo.

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