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A small station, may not have a platform, trains may only stop on request.
Group: Railway
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Main article: Railway Stations

A small station, may not have a platform, trains may only stop on request.

For public transport stop position and platforms the public transport scheme should also be used.

Distinction Between Halt and Station

The distinction between railway=halt and railway=station might differ from country to country. A halt is usually smaller than a station.

  • In German-speaking countries, stations without points ("switches") where only passenger trains stop are tagged as halt. For more information see the german page.

How to Map

Add a node in the middle of the railway halt and tag it with railway=halt and name=*. The Node does not have to be on a Way railway=rail.

For the stop positions on Way railway=rail add a Node with the tags railway=stop and public_transport=stop_position. Omit the latter if there is no public transport at the halt.

Railway Types

Besides railway=rail you can also use this tag on railway=subway, railway=monorail and railway=light_rail systems that are heavier rail than trams.

For a tram stops on railway=tram and railway=light_rail systems the tag railway=tram_stop should be used.