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A place where trains stop and passengers board and disembark.

Railway stations are often complex and include both transport connections and varying amenities. A complex station can be mapped to varying degrees of detail using the following tags and descriptions.



For larger stations it is often convenient to mark the entire station building. To complete this, create a closed way and use the tag, building=train_station. Currently there are a number of proposals relating to subterranean stations (subway, underground).

It is especially convenient in route planning to include the building entrances. This is accomplished by tagging the appropriate nodes in a building's boundary as building=entrance or railway=subway_entrance. These entrances will often be seen as the intersecting node of a buildings boundary way and a station concourse (footway) way.

Layer or level

The railway station building as well as the railway lines arriving in it may frequently be organized in multiple levels with many different footways, highways and railway lines at different levels. level=* is probably preferable when there is a close correspondence with building levels, layer=* should be used to define crossings with no meaningful reference to building levels.


Station buildings often contain many amenities. Where appropriate, these amenities can be individually marked by a node and tagged.

Some amenities often found in station buildings and around their locality can be found below;

Stations and sites which are not currently in operation

If the station is not currently in service, it should generally not be tagged railway=station. See http://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/tagging/2013-February/012918.html .

Station temporarily out of service (might be run down, but is still a station)
Station permanently out of service (definitely not coming back, maybe it's a hotel now)
railway:historic=station; or (no consensus)
Station has been dismantled (perhaps a few remnants such as old platforms.)
Station under construction