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Community Update From 13 September 2010 to 19 September 2010

Image Of the Week

OSM VE oagosto.jpg

OpenStreetMap Merida, in Venezuela, meeting August 2010

Project of The Week

Parks and recreation

General news

New Bot generated Software table

There were already a Software page on the wiki, but User:Tordanik create a bot to generate this table automaticaly. When you describe your software using the template \{\{Software2\}\}, it will be automaticaly added to the list.

A preview of the result can be saw on User:Tordanik/SoftwareTest

Commercial GPS with OSM

Xplova, had release the "Xplova G3 Serie G". A new gps device for biking. This device use OSM maps!

More info

OSM Book English Released

A book writen by 3 OSMers has been released. OpenStreetMap (OSM) is to Google Maps what Wikipedia is to Britannica. The book describes how you can create and use you own maps

Source Buy it Or Check amazon


ArcGis Editor For OSM

The famous company ESRI has released the version 1.0 of his "ArcGIS Editor for OSM"

The release is available on Code Plex

Mailing Lists Talks

Depots and Garages

landuse=garages is used to describe a one level buildings with boxes commonly for cars, usually made of brick and metal. But what if we want to describe garage like depots, for trams, buses or garages operated by school districts ?

We can use amenity=parking + access=private + operator=* . Someone also proposed the use of highway=depot + depot=*.

More, discover the world using OSM is a website that use openstreet map to display "Free Pictures of everywhere in the world". It use the cloudmade api, and all the photos are on Creative commons.


Sneaking tag: highway:give_way

Someone added to the features the new tag highway=give_way without any discussion and/or announcement. Not only the tag was not discuss but the description in quite poor, no hint on how to use it, no good description and no use of previously proposed tag : "Traffic sign". It seems that this problematic of stop/give_way road is highly debated... there is a lot of different tags for the same thing like this proposal that use a relation. Then a discussion start on sneaking tags and how to share tagging scheme.


New Proposition : Rental

This Proposition is about to group all rental related things under a rental=*. You could ie use rental=car or rental=ski and even rental=costumes. You can possibly add fee=* or operator=*. This proposition, is in fact a merge that permit to use rental=* in addition to selling=* or other tag.

Please add your comments / suggestions to the talk page.


Generator Rationalisation Approved

The previously proposed Generator Rationalisation is now approuved by 20 votes to 6. The post vote process is started (clean-up, and documentation). So by now, power_source=* and power_rating=* are deprecated.

New Proposition : Maze

Mazes, also called Labyrint, are usally design in corn plants or in hedges. The new RFC propose to add a tag attraction=maze to those mazes.

Comments are open on the Talk Page as usual.



Thanks to !i! for the help and hints ;)

Thanks to every reviewer/corrector