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שפות זמינות — Upload
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One good way to get involved in the OpenStreetMap project is to upload GPS track logs. They are then added to the background of the editing map as little dots. These dots are the basis for the manually drawn lines. If you're having trouble uploading a file, this page and the FAQ might help.

?אילו פורמטים נתמכים

File should be in the GPX format. The server understands standard GPX Version 1.0 and 1.1, except that the tag <time> must be present on every track or way point. For uploading trackpoints lacking proper timestamps see my user page.

The geographic datum of OpenStreetMap worldwide is WGS-84, so please make sure your uploaded tracks are in WGS-84 lat/lon. GPX files should always be in WGS-84, but you have to be careful if you convert your tracks from other formats (and possibly other datums) to GPX.

Files may also be uploaded after being compressed by gzip, having a .gpx.gz extension.

For more information on GPX and creating GPX files see Making GPX Tracks.

?איך להעלות קובץ

  1. allow cookies for www.openstreetmap.org
  2. Create an account and log in to the applet. Note that the map editor login is different from the wiki login, and the upload procedure described here is not the same as uploading images to illustrate the wiki pages
  3. Click GPS traces...
  4. Click See just your traces to load the upload page
  5. Use the Browse button to select a file on your local computer (see this page to learn how to create gpx files), enter a description and/or tag then click Upload. The file will be uploaded to the OSM server, where it will join the queue of files waiting to be inserted into the database. You will see the following message:

Your GPX file has been uploaded and is awaiting insertion in to the database. This will usually happen within half an hour, and an email will be sent to you on completion.

A list of your traces and their current status will be shown below the upload form.

If you are searching a way to automatically upload GPX files to OSM, you can have a look a this Batch Upload Perl script. In the future the OSM API may support a better approach.


With tagging, you can put your files into categories. Each file can have tags. Usually, tags are the country and the cities, that your trace concerns. You have to separate tags by spaces, not commas (,). If you have any comma in the tags field, the upload will fail! This also means, you have to use underscore (_) in tags instead of spaces!

?מה קורה לקובץ שלי אחרי שהועלה לשרת

Your GPX file is parsed by the OSM server and points are extracted. These are added to the background of the map seen when editing.

There is also an option to delete your file.

How do I upload GPS data (not GPS track logs) directly?

See Using_curl_to_upload_data for an example of how to do this.