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エネルギーを他の形に変換する機器です。 Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
グループ: 電力
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A generator (IEC 151-13-35) is a device that converts one form of energy to another.

For example: mechanical energy or sun light to electricity.


A power=generator is tagged as a ノード, エリア or even multipolygon リレーション, on the generator itself, if visible (wind turbine, gas turbine, single solar panel...), or on the smallest building containing it (nuclear reactor, hydroelectric turbine...). Large photovoltaic power plants may group solar panels blocks in a single multipolygon.

Furthermore, generators should be tagged with frequency=* since they can operate at different frequencies than the common one used on national grids. Indeed, some power plants can fed train transmission lines which often live at different frequency.

Please note that generator:output=* gives the nominal maximum available rating for the given generator. It's the easiest information we can get. Effective rating would be hard to compute or to obtain from power plans operators.

Key Value
power generator
generator:source Power source of the generator
generator:method Method of power generation
generator:type Type of generator
optional generator:plant When the generator is part of a power plant, use output when it produces output power of the plant or intermediate when it only feeds other generators.
name Given name of the generator
operator Operator's name
generator:output Output power and its rating for the given generator



Add a ノード at the centre of the power generator or preferably create an エリア around the boundary of the generator using aerial photography if available. Tag with power=generator and also a name=* and operator=* if known as explained above. Use power=plant to tag the whole facility.


The energy source for the generator should be identified using the generator:source=* tag (power_source=* is obsolete).

See generator:source=* for a complete list of approved values


generator:method=* タグは、エネルギー源をエネルギー出力にエネルギー出力に変換する技術的な手順や方法を説明しています。

承認された値の一覧は generator:method=* を参照してください。


A new attribute is added, generator:type=*. This attribute is intended to define the type of generator among a single source/method. As a concrete example of what a type is, think about of rendering a map of all nuclear reactors of the same type as those used in Fukushima.

See generator:type=* for a complete list of approved values.


generator:output=* というタグは発電されたエネルギーの形式を指定し、分かっていれば評価するのに使えます。 You can simply use yes as a value if the precise numerical rating is unknown.


出力量が分かる場合は、単位をつけて数値を追加してください。そうでなければ単に 'yes' を追加してください。

generator:output:electricity=* yes / x W / x kW / x MW / x GW
generator:output:heat=* yes / x W / x kW / x MW / x GW
generator:output:hot_water=* yes / x W / x kW / x MW / x GW
generator:output:hot_air=* yes / x W / x kW / x MW / x GW
generator:output:cold_water=* yes / x W / x kW / x MW / x GW
generator:output:cold_air=* yes / x W / x kW / x MW / x GW
generator:output:compressed_air=* yes / x W / x kW / x MW / x GW
generator:output:steam=* yes / x W / x kW / x MW / x GW
generator:output:vacuum=* yes / x W / x kW / x MW / x GW
generator:output:biogas=* yes / x W / x kW / x MW / x GW


このタグは発電所全体をマッピングするために、 エリア として使われていました。
最近の承認プロセスで、このような地物には power=plant が導入され、 power=generator は発電所内の発電機のためのものとなりました。
現在でも多くの power=generator が中に含まれている発電機ではなく、発電所に使われています。あなたの地元の知識に基づいて、 慎重にpower=plant に置き換えることが推奨されます。

For example to tag a 15 MW biomass gasification combined-heat-and-power generator use:

Key Value
power generator
generator:source biomass
generator:method gasification
generator:type gas_turbine
generator:plant output
name Biomass generator
operator operator's name
generator:output:electricity 5 MW or yes if unknown
generator:output:hot_water 10 MW or yes if unknown

Or to tag a solar thermal panel use:

Key Value
power generator
generator:source solar
generator:method thermal
generator:type solar_thermal_collector
generator:plant output
name Thermal solar panel
operator operator's name
generator:output:hot_water 200 kW or yes if unknown

Or to tag a wind turbine (a modern electricity-generating wind mill):

Key Value
power generator
generator:source wind
generator:type horizontal_axis
generator:plant output
height height=133 - center of rotor is 133 meters above ground
rotor diameter rotor:diameter=60 - rotor diameter is 60 meters
name Modern wind mill
operator operator's name
generator:output:electricity 3 MW or yes if unknown