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To mark part of building, which has attributes, different from such ones at other parts Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
Group: Buildings
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Status: de facto


A way with the tag building:part=* describes a part of a building where some building attributes or the building function are different from the rest of the building. Note that building:part=* are optional areas used in addition to a building=* area. building:part=* areas should be always within a separate building=* area representing the entire building.

How to use

Main article: Simple 3D buildings

Use building:part=yes for parts of the building which only have different attributes (building:levels=* and height=*). Use building:part=(type of building) for parts of the building which have a different function and possibly attributes (e.g. building:part=roof, building:part=retail or building:part=barn).

In addition to the different ways tagged building:part=yes, there should be one area (closed way or multipolygon) marking the outline of the whole building, tagged with building=*. It is also recommended to use a type=building relation to group together the outline way and the building:part=yes ways.

Where a building has been split into parts, the whole building way should still have the tags building:levels=* and height=*. These values should be the maximum of all the building parts. A building that has a three-story part and a six-story part is still a six-story building.

See also

Indoor Mapping

The building tag (and its parts) is about "gross" buildings, i.e. including walls, roofs and other structure. To map the inner divisions (spaces) of buildings, please refer to Indoor mapping and specifically to the concept with the widest acceptance: Simple Indoor Tagging. Some potentially useful tags for "inner" building parts: