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OpenLevelUp can render museums buildings. These places can contain several buildings, with many floors and rooms. For a general overview of how to tag inside buildings, see OpenLevelUp/Recommended tagging.

How to map

Louvre, Paris in OpenLevelUp

Here is a list of interesting objects to map in museums.

Examples of museums features
Image Name Tags Comments
"Strefa dźwięków" - wystawa stała w Muzeum Azji i Pacyfiku.jpg Gallery
Passengers Aircraft Models Display in Glass Cabinet of Aviation Museum 20130928.jpg Glass cabinet
Mona Lisa, by Leonardo da Vinci, from C2RMF retouched.jpg Painting
Auguste Rodin - Grubleren 2005-02.jpg Statue
"Grounded" by Douglas Lackey Art.jpg Sculpture
Gisant de François II, cathédrale de Nantes (France).jpg Tomb Tombstones can be exposed in museums.
WK14 Wrocław Główny poczekalnia nocna infokiosk Travelarz.jpg Interactive terminal
Information board.JPG Informative board
3D wall map of Portuguese Empire.jpg Museum map or descriptive map
Musée de Bretagne - Marqueur de section néolithique 01.jpg Section marker
Musée de Bretagne - niche chapiteaux.jpg Objects in a recess
  • Various tags for given object
  • support=recess
Musée de Bretagne - Vitrine objets 3e siècle.jpg Artifact Miscellaneous non-artistic objects in museums
Musée de Bretagne - présentoir Bretagne multiple.jpg Showcase
ARK Identifier
  • Various tags
  • ref:ark=/organization/object
Example: URL looks like so tag will be ref:ark=/83011/FLMjo133451


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