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Statistics tracking the remarkable growth of OpenStreetMap's database and community

Database statistics Normally automatically updated every day. Performs analysis on the database that makes OpenStreetMap work – shows the number of ways, nodes, relations, etc. in the database. That page also shows the leaderboards for people uploading data.
There is a historical dump of this full data going back to 2007 and some basic data going back to 2005.
Taginfo Taginfo analyzes OSM tag usage. Has many different reports on tags and also on the number of objects in the database.
Server statistics Showing the disk, memory, I/O, bandwidth stats of each of the OpenStreetMap servers
very basic wiki statistics Showing basic statistics (for the job queue, see site info statistics).
Please note: more extensive statistics distorted from 2007-10-12 due to Proxy-Cache running in front of webserver.
Feature requests Put your request on the talk page

In summary

  • Current approximation of the number of users: more than ten million (based on
  • 10.5 million registered users (2024-03-31)
  • 9.1 billion nodes (2024-03-31)
  • ≈4 million map changes/day (2021-Q4)
  • 1.75 million different user contributors (2021-Q4)

Database statistics - Active reports

Database statistics - Graphical charts (since 2005)

These historical graphical charts below use the daily database data summary. The charts are updated periodically by Blackadder and a csv file of the raw daily data used is available from here

The current status of the database can be seen on Database statistics.

Users and GPX uploads

Contributors editing nodes or uploading GPX nodes

These two graphics are counting contributors by rolling month or by rolling week.



Accumulated users and GPX uploads


Registered users statistics reports

Accumulated registered users (log scale)

Osmdbstats1 log.png

Accumulated registered users (linear scale)

Osmdbstats1 users.png

Nodes, ways and relations

On the following two graphs the statistics count was changed on 2007-08-01. Previous to this date the count includes deleted objects, after this date the count only contains visible objects. This accounts for the drop in numbers at that time.

Accumulated nodes, ways and relations


Accumulated ways and relations


New nodes and ways added per day



Edited nodes per contributor per day


Contributor statistics reports

These statistics are generated from the changeset diff feed from and show numbers on users that have actually made edits. Changesets were introduced in early 2009, for edits prior to that date changesets were generated retroactively. That and the phasing out of anonymous edits between 2007 and 2009 may cause some differences prior to 2009 in the numbers to other methods of counting.

The graphs show a strong impact of the introduction of the editing feature in the app, please have a look at updated statistics for 2018 diary post for more information.

Total accumulated contributors to the data

Accumulated contributors.png

New contributors per month

New contributors month.png

Active contributors per month

Active contributors month.png

"Active" implies the contributors in question have made an edit in the relevant time frame.

Active new and old contributors per year

New and old contributors are not discriminated in 2009 or before as it is not possible to track them prior to the introduction of changesets in 2009: most of them however were new contributors compared to the previous year where the total in 2009 was a lot larger than those registered and contributing since 2008 or before.

Active contributors year.png

Active contributors per month relative to total number of accounts


Edits per month

Total edits of any kind (the sum of the number of changes in all changesets, as reported by num_changes value) per month.

Edits per month.png

Database statistics - Historical charts and reports

Changeset Statistics (2005-2013)

Changesets year 2013.png

New contributors per week (2005-2011)

Contributor signup.png

Contribution percentage by user (2009-2010)

Note this is historic data from 2009, a point in time when OSM contained less that 15% of what it contains at the beginning of 2014 and about 5% of what it contains today (Early 2020).


See also: (last update was in year 2010: seems to be only history, too)

Tabular historical statistics (2005-2007)

Tile usage statistics

Usage of the prerendered map tiles – Talk page

Local statistics

External sites with active statistics and reports

Some external organisations reviewing/comparing OSM data statistics:

External sites with archived statistics and reports

See also