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A place, usually unattended, where you can pick up and drop off rented bikes. Edit or translate this description.
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Some cities have a bicycle rental/sharing system, based on parking stations where you can pick up and drop off bikes. These can be sometimes called "bike docks" or "docking stations".

Note: For features that provide besides others bicycle rental as a service, like shops (shop=bicycle) that rent bikes, better use the property service:bicycle:rental=yes. amenity=bicycle_rental is intended for rental stands which are usually unstaffed.

Note: human-operated places offering bicycle rental and solely bicycle rental are often tagged with amenity=bicycle_rental. Note that no matter what was intended nothing in the "bicycle rental" suggests that it is limited to automated docking stations. And for marking place not offering any products for sale, not offering any repairs, with bicycle rental as sole service amenity=bicycle_rental is much better match than shop=bicycle.

Note: original proposal limited it to just docking stations, though tag name mismatching limited definition was noted then.


Add a node node and tag it with amenity=bicycle_rental in the geographical centre of the feature.

Tag Description
name=* Name of the station.
ref=* Station reference.
capacity=* Number of parking spaces available.
capacity:cargo_bike=* Number of parking space dedicated to cargo bikes.
network=* Name of the station network (Vélo'v in Lyon/France, Vélib' in Paris/France,Vélocité in Besançon, le vélo in Marseille/France, "Villo" in Brussels/Belgium, bixi in Montréal/Québec, dublinbikes in Dublin/Ireland, tfl_cycle_hire in London, etc.)
operator=* Name of the operating company (optional). example : Smovengo in Paris for Vélib', Bike Share Toronto in Toronto
payment:credit_cards=* payment:credit_cards=yes when payment is possible with credit cards; payment:credit_cards=no when not possible (for example docks that unlock only with member card or an unlock code)

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