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A place, often unattended, where you can pick up and drop off rented bikes. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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Group: bicycles
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This tag is for places of which the main purpose is bicycle rental.

It includes

  • parking stations where you can pick up and drop off bikes. These can be sometimes called "bike docks" or "docking stations". They form bicycle rental/sharing system
  • human-operated places offering mostly bicycle rental (including rental of tandems, cargobikes, bike accessories ...)

When to use a different tagging scheme

If the object to map is a bicycle shop which also happens to rent out bicycles, use shop=bicycle with service:bicycle:rental=yes instead. The latter tag should also be used for other amenities which rent out bicycles.

If the object to map rents out other objects unrelated to bicycles, use shop=rental with rental=bicycle;...other stuff... (e.g. a rental shop specialized in outdoor trips, which rents out tents, camping gears and also trekking bikes would have shop=rental, rental=trekking_bike;outdoor_gear;tents)

Do not add virtual dropoff locations to OpenStreetMap! Some applications have floating bicycles which should be dropped at some fixed location marked in the app, but without special signalisation on the location itself. These should not be mapped, as they are hard to verify, hard to maintain and can change on a whim of the app creator. Furthermore, the app itself already has this data, duplicating this data is of no use. (Note that these apps often point users towards existing bicycle parkings, which can be mapped with amenity=bicycle_parking. If this bicycle parking is nothing more then a painted, designated area, this can be tagged as bicycle_parking=floor.)

How to map

Add a node or a way and tag it with amenity=bicycle_rental in the geographical centre of the feature (or the electronic display, if any).

There are additional tags to clarify more details:

Types of bicycle rental

Tag Description Example
bicycle_rental=shop and shop=rental A staffed, indoor shop whose main business is bike rental, e.g. for tourists in a touristical region. Some bigger hotels and recreation parks have a designated shed with bikes for their visitors. Due to historic reasons, these receive two tags. Bicycle rental shop, Pulau Ubin, Singapore - 20071102-01.jpg
bicycle_rental=docking_station A docking station where one can pickup a bike in an automated manner. The bike is physically attached to the docking station with a special system, unlocked either via a nearby machine, an app, an NFC-membership card or some other authorization/payment system. London cycle hire docking station, Denyer Street, Chelsea - geograph.org.uk - 2020872.jpg
bicycle_rental=dropoff_point A designated parking spot where bikes of a certain bicycle rental are stored, typically (but not necessarily) within a bigger bike parking. The bicycle rental service must have reserved parking spots, clearly indicated by signposts or some other signage. The bikes are individually locked with smart locks, which can be unlocked and therefore rented via an app. There is no special infrastructure at the rental station itself.

This includes locations where the signage is only a painted marking on the floor - but often the signage will be more elaborate.

20210614 Blue-bike-deelfietsen station Haacht.jpg
bicycle_rental=key_dispensing_machine A machine where one can get a key to unlock a bike. The bikes are typically parked nearby, possibly (but not necessarily) in a designated parking. Bluebike sleutelautomaat in gebruik.jpg
bicycle_rental=virtual A location to place a rental bike which is marked in the app of the provider but without any indication in real life (no sign or painted marking). Do not add those into OpenStreetMap as this is not on the ground verifiable, can change on whim and are but a duplicate of the app.

Useful tags to use in combination

Tag Description
rental=* Which kind of bicycles are rented, e.g. rental=bmx, rental=city_bike, rental=ebike, ... See a full list below. If missing, rental=city_bike is assumed.
name=* Name of the business or station.
ref=* Station reference.
capacity=* Total number of bicycles this rental place can rent out
capacity:<bicycle_type>=number Total number of bicycles of this type that this rental place can rent out.
network=* Name of the station network (Vélo'v in Lyon/France, Vélib' in Paris/France,Vélocité in Besançon, le vélo in Marseille/France, "Villo" in Brussels/Belgium, bixi in Montréal/Québec, dublinbikes in Dublin/Ireland, tfl_cycle_hire in London, etc.)
operator=* Name of the operating company (optional). example : Smovengo in Paris for Vélib', Bike Share Toronto in Toronto
access=* Access restriction. Some bicycle rental is not available to the general public - e.g. a bicycle rental for guests of a holiday resort, which is tagged with access=customers. access=yes is assumed if this tag is missing.
membership=* Whether membership is required / optional (e.g. for monthly/yearly subscription-based rentals).
payment=* and authentication=* The payment and or method to authenticate to rent out a bike at this location. Some rental systems use an app to pay and authenticate, other use credit cards, ... This can be tagged with authentication:app=yes or payment:cards=yes. See the respective wiki pages for more information
opening_hours=* When this bicycle rental is operational. If the bicycle rental is an automated one (e.g. key_dispensing_machine, dropoff point, ...) and opening_hours is missing, it is safe to assume 24/7 is meant.

Types of bicycles and accessories

Various types of bicycles exists which some rental shops offer. The following list gives an overview of some of these.

Tag Type Description Example
rental=city_bike bicycle A normal bicycle, suited to drive in cities. If rental=* is missing, this type is assumed Left side of Flying Pigeon.jpg
rental=mtb bicycle A sturdy bike, typically to drive in muddy areas, also known as mountainbike 2002 Trek 800 Sport.JPG
rental=ebike bicycle A bicycle which is partly propelled by an electrical motor Currie Electric Bicycle Conversion - battery mount.jpeg
rental=tandem bicycle A bicycle for two persons TandemTurkey01 ST 05.jpg
rental=quadricycle bicycle Four-wheeled, pedal powered vehicles (also known as 'go-cart' or 'pedal cart'). Such bicycle rentals are often seen near touristical locations. Quadricycle Intl Q-cycle-6 06.JPG Christopher Riding a Pedal Cart.jpg
rental=crazy_bike bicycle A crazy bike or merry bike rental - not meant for transportation or sport, but for entertainment. This kind of rental mostly doubles as touristical attraction. An example is De Lustige Velodroom in Belgium. Crazy jointed bike 5002 - Flickr - doviende.jpg
rental=bicycle_pannier accessory A sack that is attached to the bike to carry goods. OutDoor 2018, Friedrichshafen (1X7A0503).jpg
rental=user defined All commonly used values according to Taginfo.


original proposal appears to be excluding human-operated places, but it has not strictly specified this. Tag name mismatching limited intend was noted during that vote.

In January 2022, a proposal was voted to improve this tagging.

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Different variants of tagging as service

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