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Water tap in Frejus.jpg
Publicly usable water tap Show/edit corresponding data item.
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A water tap is a man-made construction providing water, supplied by water distribution system (unlike in case of man_made=water_well, where groundwater may be used directly). The tag man_made=water_tap is used for publicly usable water taps, such as those in cities and graveyards.

There are two approaches for tagging that the water from such a public tap is potable (safe for human consumption): one approach is to combine the tag man_made=water_tap with amenity=drinking_water, the other is to add drinking_water=yes. Some mappers consider both variants to be interchangeable in the case of taps, others make a distinction where the tag amenity=drinking_water is to be used when the tap's main function is to provide drinking water (e.g. for hikers or cyclists) and the tag drinking_water=yes is preferred when the tap happens to provide drinking water but that is not its main function (e.g. for watering plants)[1]. For non-potable water, the tag drinking_water=no is used.

The tag should not be used to tag fire hydrants, for which a special emergency=fire_hydrant tag is available.

Water taps can be activated by turning a handle or pressing a button or by some other method[2] and one of their defining requirements is that users interact with them to start the flow of water [3]. A man_made=drinking_fountain providing a tiny upward jet of water does not need to be tagged as a water tap nor does a amenity=shower.

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Faucets 水龍頭 - panoramio.jpg

public press button water tap, Florence, Italy

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wikimedia_commons=File:Bristol (UK), Brunel's ss Great Britain -- 2013 -- 1606.jpg

Not all water taps provide drinking water. It is useful to add drinking_water=no or amenity=drinking_water to them.

Water flowing from drinking water tap.jpg
fountain=drinking (note that this is controversial! It is quite awkward to contort yourself to "drink directly" from this. Better is to draw water from this tap into your hydration bottle, then drink from that. See https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/tagging/2022-October/thread.html#65682 and https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Talk:Tag:man_made%3Dwater_tap#Adding_the_tag_fountain-drinking for discussion of that)
wikimedia_commons=File:Water flowing from drinking water tap.jpg


man_made=water_tap This is controversial.
fountain=bubbler This is controversial.

This 'bubbler' is also considered by some as water tap as it is activated by its user[4]. This is controversial as the 'tap' component is a valve that also occurs in amenity=shower and there is no suggestion that showers need to be mapped as a 'tap'. Some consider this would be better mapped as man_made=drinking_fountain particularly as 'bubbler' is not British English and only used in some locations none of which are entire countries.

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Drinking water signs

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