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Publicly usable water tap Edit or translate this description.
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A water tap is a man-made construction providing access to water, supplied by centralized water distribution system (unlike in case of man_made=water_well, where groundwater may be used directly). The tag man_made=water_tap is used for publicly usable water taps, such as those in the cities and graveyards.

Water taps may provide potable and technical water, which can be specified with drinking_water=yes and drinking_water=no. Consider adding also more general amenity=drinking_water in case it is potable water. man_made=water_tap can be used to describe water point (also commonly called drinking water) more in detail.

It should not be used to tag fire hydrants, for which a special emergency=fire_hydrant tag is available.

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Drinking water road signs

Not drinking water signs


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