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Automated External Defibrillator Amsterdam airport.jpg
Defibrillator (AED), an external and portable electronic device that diagnoses and can correct arrhythmia of the heart automatically. Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: emergencies
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Defibrillators tagged in OSM are automated external defibrillator (AED), a first-aid device that automates the process of diagnosing life-threatening cardiac arrhythmia and performing defibrillation. Automated external defibrillators can be found in a growing number of public places, although they are sometimes restricted to use by persons with formal first-aid training.

Hint for using this data

Remember to call emergency services immediately in case of life-threatening situations (probably even before trying to locate an AED) [1].

How to map

Draw tag emergency=defibrillator as a node as close as possible to the actual location of the defibrillator. There are different opinions on what to do if the location is not exactly known (for instance it’s know that a shopping mall has a defibrillator somewhere in the building, but not exactly where)[2]. Mapping it at an inaccurate location may be better than nothing (it will at least tell users that there is an AED) or worse than nothing (it may lead to a search for the AED at the wrong location). Whatever you decide to do, make sure to add a note explaining that there is an AED and a survey is urgently needed. Do not add emergency=defibrillator to a building, amenity, etc. as this strictly means that the building is a defibrillator. It has been suggested that defibrillator=yes could be added to the building/amenity instead.

Related tags

Tag Description Recommendation
emergency=defibrillator Main tag ! Required
opening_hours=* If the defibrillator is only accessible during certain opening hours  Important
access=* If the access to the device is restricted  Important
phone=* Number of the location responsible for the device  Important
emergency:phone=* Emergency number responsible in this area  Important
defibrillator:location=* A textual description where the device is located (e.g., "in the porter's lounge").  Important
defibrillator:code=* If the there is a number pad on the door of the box, people might have left a sign with the code to open it. ? Optional
indoor=* If the defibrillator is mounted on a wall, clarify with this tag whether it is the external or internal side of the wall  Important
locked=* Whether or not the device or case is locked, via a code or other key  Important
level=* If indoor=yes add level number ? Optional
defibrillator=manual If the device is not automated (e.g., in hospitals emergencies) ? Optional
defibrillator:location:<lang>=* Multilingual textual descriptions. Useful in multilingual areas, and/or for adding a description in a widely understood language such as English (e.g. defibrillator:location:en=*) ? Optional
description=* If there is something special about this defibrillator ? Optional
manufacturer=* Manufacturer of this defibrillator ? Optional
model=* Model of this defibrillator ? Optional
defibrillator:cabinet=* Type of cabinet the defibrillator is stored in. Values could include vertical_door, horizontal_door, twist, mechanical or no. ? Optional
ref:GB:the_circuit=* United Kingdom only: The 32-character unique identifier of this defibrillator in The Circuit database. ? Optional

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