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Some of the information on this page may or may not be intentionally misleading, for purposes of a joke. You should consider comparing the content with other sources on this topic. This page might have been created on April fools' day.

Public-images-osm logo.svg amenity = bikeshed
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A place for parking bicycles. If it ever gets built, that is. Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
Group: amenities
Used on these elements
may be used on nodesshould not be used on waysmay be used on areas (and multipolygon relations)use on relations unspecified
Useful combination
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Note for the avoidance of doubt: This page is a work of satire and is not intended to represent a serious tagging scheme. Two minutes' inspection of the contents would confirm this to any reasonable reader, but it seems I need to be over-careful. There are a great many wiki pages of a lot less merit that do not get flagged for deletion within hours of their posting, so I have taken the liberty of removing the flag from this page and replacing it with this clarification. Anybody adamant that this page has no merit is welcome to open voting on the subject...

A bikeshed is a building, shelter or other structure intended to provide safe parking for (usually pedal) bicycles. Due to the great range of possible design characteristics and the great complexity of any planning process, few actual bikesheds have ever been built.

How to Map

When mapping a bikeshed, it is vital to consult the community to the widest possible extent. It is often unclear whether use of building=* is merited and, if so, which key value is most appropriate. colour=* is a hugely important attribute, and at least a week should be allowed to decide which colour to specify, how to allow for the effects of weathering (hence the need for prevailing wind and sunshine info), whether to specify decimal RGB, CMYK, web-style Hex or pantone, not forgetting the option of whether to spell it color=* instead.

When specifying opening_hours=*, be mindful of the fact that not all mappers are in the same time zone as you are. Where you cannot have the decency to keep your bikeshed operational 24/7 it may be more sensitive not to build the damn thing in the first place.

Special care should be taken in determining the orientation of the bikeshed : so as to correctly identify the front of the bikeshed. Sometimes this can be done by taking point counts of discarded cigarette ends in locations around the bikeshed. A botantical quadrat square is useful for this purpose. When the bikeshed is symmetrical it may be necessary to show the orientation using one or more relations.




Key Value Element Comment
amenity bikeshed Mf node.png Mf area.png Tag either the area or the central node. Or both. In which case, better add them to a relation representing this bikeshed, plus the relation of all other bikesheds worldwide
name * Mf node.png Mf area.png The name of the bikeshed
access public/customers/private Mf node.png Mf area.png Distinction between public bikesheds, customers bikesheds (such as at cinemas etc.), and private bikesheds (such as for staff in a business park).
highway cycleway Mf way.png Road inside bikeshed. Add tag cycleway=parking_aisle.
fee yes/no/interval Mf node.png Mf area.png Whether you have to pay a parking fee or not. Default value is no. If the fee must be paid only on certain hours, the same syntax can be used as for opening hours. (See the discussion page.)
supervised yes/no/interval Mf node.png Mf area.png Whether the bikes are guarded to prevent car theft and vandalism. Default value is no. If a guard is only present on certain hours, the same syntax can be used as for opening hours.
capacity number Mf node.png Mf area.png The amount of bicycles that can be accommodated. (Including all special parking spaces e.g. disabled spaces) Read talk page on this.
colour colour Mf node.png Mf area.png Painting bikesheds is an essential OSM activity.

Mapping individual or groups of parking spaces

It may help to further prolong the mapping of the bikeshed if we decide to map each separate bike space, including details of its type (locker, hanger, those old-fashioned ones that buckle your wheel etc.). How to tag this is left as an exercise to the mapper, since nobody is ever going to use such tags anyway. Invent something! Go mad!

Open Issues

There are many elements of bikeshed tagging to perfect. To involve the worldwide community as widely as possible, it is advised to crosspost all discussion to @talk, @talk-de, @talk-au, @talk-legal, @strategic, as well as to local authorities and public representatives. Existing threads on more important topics are handy, as it attracts the attention of readers who might otherwise ignore what you have to say. Indeed, you will be surprised how many everyday threads offer good segways into the important subject of your bikeshed.

Similar tags

This more established proposal is so laughably simplistic, I will not discuss it any further.

See also

Finally, if it proves too complex to map a bikeshed, you may wish to try power=generator, power_source=nuclear instead.