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Source Features Geographic scope Year POIs (ballpark estimate)
GNIS Cemeteries, places of worship, hospitals, parks, post offices, schools, masts, quarries, airports, military installations, buildings, natural features United States 2009 1,000,000
National Register of Health Facilities Healthcare Brazil 2021 350,000
Santa Clara County Public Health Department General Santa Clara County, California, United States 2020–present 20,000–30,000
OurAirports Airports Global 2010 14,000
City of Greenville Parking Greenville, South Carolina, United States 2020–2021 7,000
Various brands Supermarkets, post offices, gas stations, banks, ATMs, drugstores Hungary 2018–2020 5,000
IPR Praha Power substations Prague, Czech Republic 2019 5,000
Arivac General Bohol, Philippines 2010 2,000
MOL Gas stations Central and Eastern Europe 2011 1,600
MassGIS Police stations, fire stations, prisons, hospitals, lighthouses, schools Massachusetts, United States 2008 1,300
Puerto Rico Department of Education Schools Puerto Rico 2016 1,300
City Council of Barcelona Social facilities Catalonia, Spain 2019 1,000
Chargy Charging stations Luxembourg 2018–2019 800
Enugu State Clubs, offices, schools, banks, healthcare, hotels, markets, sports centers Enugu State, Nigeria 2013 500
Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia Social facilities Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy 2020 200
Wandelwoche Alternative economy businesses Berlin and Brandenburg, Germany 2015 70
AAA Carolinas Travel agents North and South Carolina, United States 2015 50
Anne Arundel County Parks Anne Arundel County, Maryland, United States 2014 50
Skåne County Hotels Skåne County, Sweden 2019 20