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The country of Australia relation 80500 (officially Commonwealth of Australia) is a sovereign state and the largest country by area in Oceania. The vast lands of Australia are geologically varied: deserts, rainforests, alpine areas, and human settlements are dotted across the sparse landscape.

Australia is strongly represented within the OpenStreetMap community, and Australians have been major contributors to the map since its inception. This page provides links to Australian-specific mapping resources that can support collaboration among new and established contributors.


OpenStreetMap Australia Project

Australian Mapping Community

Join the Australian OpenStreetMap community and collaborate with passionate contributes from across the country. Improve your mapping skills, build connections and social networks, attend events and mapping parties, and explore the Australian geospatial landscape.

There are many channels used by Australian mappers to coordinate their efforts. Visit the community page to learn how you can get in touch.

Australian Tagging Guidelines

The Australian Tagging Guidelines are specific guides for mapping in Australia that have been prepared and curated by the local community. If you would like to edit the map in Australia, please read this page.

Australian Data Sources

A centralised catalogue of Australian datasets, aerial imagery, resources, and associated licensing.

Australian Import Catalogue

A catalogue of automated data imports that have been conducted in Australia by editors.

Australian Feature Catalogue (WIP)

A compendium of Australian features of note.

Australian Projects

There are dedicated mapping projects across Australia, mostly focusing on an individual state or territory. Feel free to start helping a project, or create your own.

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