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WikiProject Oil and Gas infrastructure (O&G) is a project to map oil and gas fields, individual wells and rigs, pipelines, transhipment centres and refineries.

Background Information

ABB Oil and Gas Production Handbook An introduction to the oil and gas production, transport, refining and petrochemical industry.

OSM oil & gas data

Data which is in the .o5m format. A list of all the tags present in each file is available here under "osmfilter scripts for "Index of /Industry".

Nominatim search phrase suggestions

  • Oil refinery, oil refineries, refinery, refineries
  • Oil pipeline(s), Gas pipeline(s)
  • Oil rig, oil well
  • Oil terminal, tanker facility, tanker terminal

O&G Data sources

shapefiles of many of the USA fields*
"U.S. Government publications are in the public domain and are not subject to copyright protection. You may use and/or distribute any of our data, files, databases, reports, graphs, charts, and other information products that are on our website or that you receive through our email distribution service. However, if you use or reproduce any of our information products, you should use an acknowledgement, which includes the publication date, such as: "Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration (Oct 2008)."
This dataset is from the AAPG Datapages Open Files Page Files from this page are "free to the public".
This map is from the University of Texas library. Unless clearly marked with a copyright logo their maps "are in the public domain. No permissions are needed to copy them. You may download them and use them as you wish."

Tags currently in use for Oil and Gas Infrastructure

General / all purpose tags

Tag Other tags Usage Wikipage Oil and Gas Infrastructure
Description from the tag's wikipage Comment
industrial=oil landuse=industrial No No
  • The North Dakota "Bakken" cluster of well sites have been given this tag, which accounts for 3649 uses.
  • The oil pipeline points, pumping stations, valves etc in the eastern USA have been given this tag.
  • Apart from that it occasionally gets used on oil infrastructure sites worldwide.
name=* landuse=industrial 4000 +
relating to O&G
Yes No name=* is the suggested combination tag for landuse=industrial By scrolling through the data of closed ways tagged only with landuse=industrial, name=* it has been possible to identify 4,000 probable oil and gas infrastructure sites.
This data is available to download here in various GIS formats. (file does not update)
industrial=gas landuse=industrial No No
  • This tag has systematically been used for compressor stations, valves and points on the gas pipelines in the eastern USA.
  • Apart from that it gets used for gas wells and other gas infrastructure sites worldwide.

Oil and gas field tags

Tag Other tags Usage Wikipage Oil and Gas Infrastructure
Description from the tag's wikipage Comment
waterway=offshore_field name=* Yes Yes "A center node or a closed way representing an offshore oil or gas field." Used to map the centre points of the Brazilian offshore fields.
industrial=hydrocarbon_field No No
man_made=oilfield No No
man_made=oil_field Less than 5 No No
man_made=gasfield name=* No No
industrial=oil_field landuse=industrial No No
man_made=gas_field name=* No No

Well tags

Tag Other tags Usage Wikipage Oil and Gas Infrastructure
Description from the tag's wikipage Comment
man_made=petroleum_well Yes Yes "A boring through the Earth's surface that is designed to find and acquire petroleum oil."
disused=yes about 7,000 of the 23,000+ Almost all uses of this combination are exploratory wells in the UK, from a DECC bulk upload.
man_made=petroleum_wellNAME about 210 This has been used on 1 field in Russia.
The name entered in the tag means these objects usually get filtered out of the man_made=petroleum_well data
man_made=pumping_rig Yes Yes "A tag for pumping platforms - gas, oil, etc. The rig may be on ground or water" This tag has been used for all the Persian Gulf and Los Angeles offshore platforms which accounts for 880 of the uses.
Other than that, it gets used almost entirely in Europe.
power=generator power_source=oil probably about 1000.
View on ITO Map
Argentina. This is an out of date tagging scheme for oil powered electricity generation used in error
industrial=wellsite landuse=industrial
No No This tag has been used only on 3 dense clusters of wellsites in Colorado USA
seamark:type=platform seamark:platform:category=production Yes Yes "A term used to indicate a permanent offshore structure equipped to control the flow of oil or gas. It does not include entirely submarine structures." An OpenSeaMap tag Used 840 times in tandem with man_made=pumping_rig in the Persian Gulf, and 115 times in tandem with man_made=offshore_platform near Brazil.
man_made=offshore_platform Yes Yes "Offshore platforms, whether they are for production, drilling, observation, pumping, or any other purpose. This is to indicate the central position (Node) of a fixed installed platform." This tag has been used for the Norwegian, Danish and German North Sea platforms (not the UK's, which are tagged as petroleum_well), the Brazilian & Caspian offshore platforms and a couple of other sites, including onshore in south France.
landuse=wellsite Yes Yes no definition available This tag has been used across only 8 sites worldwide.
man_made=oil_well Yes Yes no definition available
man_made=pumpjack No No
industrial=well_cluster landuse=industrial Yes Yes no definition available Used in northern Russia.
man_made=rig landuse=industrial No No Used on wells over a small area in Germany
man_made=injection_well No No One field in south Germany.
man_made=oil_drilling landuse=allotments No No One field on Germany-France border
landuse=well Yes Yes no definition available

Storage tags

Tag Other tags Usage Wikipage Oil and Gas Infrastructure
Description from the tag's wikipage Comment
man_made=gasometer Yes No "A  gas holder is a large container in which natural gas or town gas is stored near atmospheric pressure at ambient temperatures."

About 1,660 of these are tagged as being O&G related (see below)

Proposed (under way) No "A tank is a storage container for undifferentiated content. The most commonly noticed forms are fuel tanks in refineries or silos around farms" The storage_tank proposal that has been underway for 4 years suggests using content=* as a second tag.
However, if one discounts a Canadian bulk import of 28,500 storage_tank nodes which include content=* values, the man_made=storage_tank, content=* combination has been used by manual editors only about 1,500 times, which is a low proportion.
When the substance inside a storage tank is being tagged, there seems to be confusion about what second tag to use
content=oil 240 Yes No "This key can be added to features used to store materials to declare the contents of the feature"
content=gas 90
content=fuel 330
contents=oil 135 No No
contents=gas 50
contents=fuel 280
storage=oil 460 No No
storage=gas 20
type=oil 55 Yes No "The key type is commonly used to set a relation's type."
"The type key is occasionally also used as an add-on tag for "variants" of a feature category. This approach conflicts with the use of the key for a relation's type and should be avoided (it may also create conflicts on multiple tags for the same element)."
man_made=oil_tank No No Quite popular undocumented one-tag alternatives to
man_made=storage_tank, content=* <oil | fuel>
which avoid the content=*/contents=*/type=*/storage=* confusion.
man_made=fuel_storage_tank No No
man_made=fuel_tank No No A little-used duplicate of man_made=fuel_storage_tank which is detailed above.
man_made=gas_cavern operator=eon Gas Storage No No Germany
man_made=floating_storage operator=* Yes Yes "Floating Storage Units and Floating Production and Storage units (known as FSO, FSPO, and similar abbreviations), whether they are for production, storage, and offloading, of petroleum products.
This is to indicate the central position (Node) of a FPSO mooring. Note that the unit might circle around this position."
has been used in tandem with the OpenSeaMap tag
to map the Brazilian FPSO.
seamark:platform:category=fpso operator=* Yes No "An offshore oil/gas facility consisting of a moored tanker/barge by which the product is extracted, stored and exported."
man_made=fuel storage_tanks No No South Africa
man_made=fuel_deport No No
man_made=fuel_depot Less than 5 No No
industrial=oil_tank_farm No No
industrial=oil_storage No No
industrial=oil_depot No No

Refinery tags

Tag Other tags Usage Wikipage Oil and Gas Infrastructure
Description from the tag's wikipage Comment
industrial=refinery name=*
No No This tag has been used to map the refineries in Europe
The product=gas tag has been used in a few cases to highlight natural gas processing plants. All those without a product=* tag are crude oil refineries.
No No
industrial=oil_refinery landuse=industrial No No

man_made=works,product=* <oil | gas> This is not in use for O&G.

Pipeline tags

Tag Other tags Usage Wikipage Oil and Gas Infrastructure
Description from the tag's wikipage Comment
man_made=pipeline see tag page Yes
see also: PipelineExtension Proposal
No "The pipeline key is used for major pipelines carrying liquids, gases or slurry. The pipeline may be above ground, under water or underground." It is suggested on the man_made=pipeline wikipage only to use this tag on open ways.
man_made=pipeline way
Open ways relating to O&G only
substance=gas 3473
substance=oil 557
substance=fuel 23
substance=cng 93
substance=gas 3473
substance=sewage 339
substance=hot_water 203
substance=heat 1162
substance=hydrocarbons 172
substance=ammonia 131
substance=oxygen 25
substance=* key not used 61.000 +
type=* key used 32.000 +
seamark:type=pipeline_submarine seamark:pipeline_submarine:product=oil Yes No This OpenSeaMap tagging scheme for pipelines covers most of the offshore pipelines traced into OSM and has been mostly used in tandem with the man_made=pipeline, location=underwater scheme above.
seamark:pipeline_submarine:product=gas Yes No

Pipeline surface feature tags

Tag Other tags Usage Wikipage Oil and Gas Infrastructure
Description from the tag's wikipage Comment
pipeline=marker see tag page Yes No "A tag used for pipeline markers, be it a separate pole sticking out of the ground, or a wall marker describing the distance to a pipeline valve or other feature. Used on nodes." Mostly Central Europe & UK.
type=* <gas | natural_gas | cng | lng> 3,950
type=oil 600
type=fuel 6
type=* key not used 4,000+
pipeline=valve see tag page Yes No "Möglicher Schlüssel für Schieber bzw. Schieberkästen im Gelände oder als Straßeneinbauarmatur. Diameter und Position kann man dem Hinweisschild entnehmen."
pipeline=substation substation=* < compression | distribution | measuring | valve | valve_group | inspection_guage> See Pipeline Extension Proposal No "defines the area as a facility where the flow of the medium inside the pipeline is controlled and/or altered." A new comprehensive scheme to replace quite a few of the tags below
man_made=pipeline node
Nodes only
man_made=pipeline area
Polygons only
landuse=industrial type=gas
operator=* < Enagas | Endesa gas >
about 95 Northern Spain
pipeline=station No No Mainly used in Germany
oil=station Found on the "WikiProject Power networks" page, but does not have a tag page No "a oil pumping / transport station" Used mainly in Germany and St. Petersburg.
gas=station Found on the "WikiProject Power networks" page, but does not have a tag page No "a gas pumping / transport station"
gas=substation Found on the "WikiProject Power networks" page, but does not have a tag page No "a little station (for maintenance / inserting pigs)"
man_made=oil_pump No No
man_made=pumping_station occasionally with
Informally proposed tag from 2011, see OSM forum and talk page No "Pumping stations turns up every xx km along a Pipelines route and are necessary to increase the pressure." From the type=* values that do get entered it looks like this almost always gets used on water, wastewater & sewage infrastructure.
man_made=distribution_station Informally proposed tag from 2011, see OSM forum and talk page No "für Verteilerstation / Schiebergruppen"
man_made=regulating_station Informally proposed tag from 2011, see OSM forum and talk page "für Reglerstation"

Miscellaneous O&G tags

Tag Other tags Usage Wikipage Oil and Gas Infrastructure
Description from the tag's wikipage Comment
amenity=fuel Yes No "The fuel tag is used to map a fuel station, also known as a filling station, petrol station, gas station and petrol garage. It is the retail-type facility where vehicles can be refueled."
man_made=flare Yes No "A flare is a tower constructed to burn off excess gas, either as a safety measure on a production oil or gas field, or on a refinery of petroleum products."
industrial=oil sands landuse=industrial No No Used in Canada
seamark:harbour:category=tanker No No These two tags are used in the middle east & north Africa without much overlap.
man_made=oil_terminal No No