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This page lists tools to convert external map data to and from OSM formats.

  • For exporting a map as images (PNG, SVG, PDF) please refer to the Rendering page.
  • Remember, if you are converting map data into OSM to upload it into OpenStreetMap, be sure to follow the guidelines for an Import


See also Import and Export.

File type Extension To import into OSM To export from OSM Discussion/Comments
Adobe Illustrator .ai no See Exporting to Adobe Illustrator, OSM2ai and
(by ESRI)
several ArcGIS
E00 e00 parcial parcial See message 593
Dafif ? dafif2osm no
(by AutoCad)
.dxf DXF_import (JOSM plugin), Dxf2gpx GeoConverter See Convert dxf File to Shapefile Using Grass
GADM ? gadm2osm no
Garmin maps .img no OSM Map on Garmin
Geobase ? geobase2osm no
GeoJSON .geojson osm-and-geojson OSM2GEO, osmtogeojson, Gdal ogr2ogr ogr2ogr tips
GML ? gml2osm XSLT, Python, GeoConverter See Converting OSM to GML. See JOSM ticket #6921.
Google Earth (Keyhole) Markup Language .kml JOSM/Plugins/OpenData OSM in Google Earth, Osm2KML, GeoConverter.
GPX .gpx Import as layer in main site, josm, gpx2csv->csv2osm GeoConverter
(non georeferenced)
.png, .jpg, etc. Geo Things
Map Rectifier
Main map program Reference Image using markers and open it with JOSM AgPifoJ Plugin
Julia .jld no OpenStreetMap.jl Package
Mapserver .map no Convert to GML first
MATLAB .mat no OpenStreetMap functions plugin Load as MATLAB structure
MP (Polish format) .mp mp2osm
NKF ? Nkf2osm no
PGSQL ? no osm2pgsql,imposm See PostgreSQL
QGIS .qgs no Convert to GML first See Importing Planet.osm into QGIS
Shapefile .shp JOSM/Plugins/OpenData GeoConverter See Shapefiles
Smallworld (GE Smallworld datastore) .ds no OpenStreetMap Plug-In
SRTM ? Srtm2Osm no See SRTM
SVG .svg JOSM/Plugins/ImportVec Main map program See Osmarender/Howto or Maperitive
world file .jpgw/.jgw, .tfw etc. JOSM/Plugins/PicLayer
no Select same Map Projection in JOSM

specialised formats

This lists only very specific formats, mostly dedicated for a specific import

File type Extension To import into OSM To export from OSM Discussion/Comments
AND ? and2osm no See AND Data
CIA World Database .wdb wdb2osm no
Coastlines .pgs perl script no See Almien coastlines (PGS)
Frida ? Frida no
TIGER ?? ? ? See TIGER, most data has been imported

See also