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How much time do you have a month to devote to being a board member?

Guillaume Rischard

It varies a lot. Finding a new bank was a full day job sometimes, only possible because not much else was happening at the time. On average, I’d say that I spend about 20 hours a month on the OSMF, or about one hour a day.

Michal Migurski

Between meetings, working group activities, and being responsive to community needs as they arise I anticipate that I will be able to contribute 10% of my working time to OpenStreetMap.

Amanda McCann

I have spent, on average, 15 hours per month on the Board since I was elected. (I keep track of how many hours I do.)

Mikel Maron

My time on OSMF Board matters is at least 2 days per month, and frequently more. That includes time in preparation and attendance at meeting, and action items and other work in follow up, and in direct discussion with other people.

Roland Olbricht

I'm currently using about 30 hours per month for the Engineering Working Group. I expect a similar amount of time for the board.

Bryan Housel

From reading the testimonials of past board members, it sounds like 4-8 hours a week is expected. I do not consider board service to be part of my regular job, and I have a flexible enough schedule that I can strictly separate my job time from my volunteer board work.

I’m willing to put in extra hours for something important like this.

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