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How important is OpenStreetMap being a worldwide map to you and why?

Guillaume Rischard

It’s a big strength of OSM – that you get a reasonably complete map of everywhere. The map is definitely more detailed in some places, and the OSMF should continue its efforts to recognise local chapters wherever an active community of volunteers wants to. We have, since I have joined the board, recognised local chapters on five continents.

I personally enjoy meeting OSMers wherever I go, and have lost track of how many local groups I have interacted with at some point. I think I’ve been a member of at least four OSM-related non-profits, and hang out on countless local chatrooms.

Michal Migurski

Worldwide scope is OSM’s primary benefit. No other map makes worldwide coverage available in quite the same way thanks to OSM’s disengagement from market forces and growth metrics. Individual commercial datasets can be bought around the world, but they’re not consistently priced or available. Many commercial map users are instead choosing to use and improve OSM thanks to the project’s global focus. I hope to see this grow and improve over time, especially in the areas of board and community representation beyond OSM’s European roots.

Amanda McCann

I'm not really sure what this question means. I don't think anyone wants OSM to _not_ be a worldwide map. I thought we all wanted this.

I suspect this is an indirect way of asking if OSM represents everyone in the world. We have a lot to do. There is a lot of people who don't know about OSM. I am helping that by designing & giving away promotional material.

Mikel Maron

OSM as a worldwide map is fundamentally important and has motivated me since the very beginning. Availability of data about wherever we live is essential to understand our world, make decisions and take actions. No matter where you are in the world, there is potential access to contribute and use OpenStreetMap. What is on the map is based on what is important to anyone and everyone, not a narrow set of restricted interests. This is very powerful and just as much needed today in 2021 as it was in 2004.

Roland Olbricht

Very important. There are three reasons, one altruistic, one selfish, and one nerdy.

The altruistic one:
As we all know there is still a large gap in the distribution of wealth and development in the world. Open source software and data helps to close that gap much better than money alone could do. OpenStreetMap in particular has not only proven useful to mitigte natural disasters, but it is also a tool that is enpowers and connects people independent of governments and other large organizations.

The selfish one:
If there were another data model, another organization or similar with a different standard for the world map, then I would have to spend sooner or later time on managing two or more standards, two or more affiliations or so. This would be a substantial waste of time.

Finally the nerdy one:
There is no better way to make contact to real people from other cultures than to solve problems together. Without that it is actually close to impossible to make an unfiltered contact to other cultures.

Bryan Housel

It’s important for OpenStreetMap to be a worldwide map because our work on mapping the world impacts people everywhere. The most important challenges we face as a society are global in nature: fighting climate change, dismantling white supremacy, and reducing inequality.

Maps are essential tools to understanding these issues, raising awareness, and taking action to improve the world.

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