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You and OSMF Strategic Plan Outline

What will you do to follow up on the Strategic Plan Outline the 2021 OSMF Board adopted? Do you disagree with any parts of the Strategic Plan Outline, and if so, which parts?

Guillaume Rischard

First I’d like to thank Allan for his efforts on this.

As someone who has contributed to it, I fully agree with having that plan :). It will be a useful reference and serve as a touchstone for our future work, but also make it easier to explain what our vision is.

The community outreach and survey that led to it was the largest survey of its kind. The outline reflects the current best understanding we can have of the community. Even if some parts aren’t exactly the way you’d like them, those who disagree with the plan can’t easily claim that they represent the community.

Inevitably, the plan will evolve with time, and future boards should continue their community outreach, and maybe consider doing a survey like this again.

Michal Migurski

I don’t disagree with any parts of the Outline though only the Preamble has been completed at this time. The outline identifies a response to growth as a clear priority for 2022, and we see that this reflects the community’s stated goals of improving OSM’s infrastructure stability and its local chapter and community outreach activities. In my manifesto, I describe how I will focus on these two priorities.

Amanda McCann

Yeah it looks alright. I think it's everything I've already said.

Mikel Maron

This is only outline of a strategic plan, and the Board now needs to do the work, build out this content and organize this together into an actual strategic plan. There is no part of it that I particularly disagree with, but do admit that parts of it are fairly sketchy at the moment.

I do think it's important to have an explicit direction written down and agreed to, so that the work of the OSMF can be aligned and well understood in the years ahead. I'm not sure of the right approach to get this work completed. I'm somewhat inclined to prioritize and focu on smaller subsections of the plan to start, and then expand to other sections once we have a good idea of what the final product needs to look like.

Roland Olbricht

The Strategic Plan Outline has more questions than answers. This is not a flaw but means that the real work not starts before these answers allow for well-informed decisions. The fact that the board started to obtain that information squarely means that we mostly shall go on with the plan, to make sense of the obtained information.

Bryan Housel

For answering this question, I’m referring to the Strategic Plan Outline (July 2021) here:

It’s hard to agree or disagree with this document as it’s just an outline and parts of it seem really unfinished. I disagree that it’s the board’s job to produce an outline and the community’s job to fill it in. I don’t disagree with the points in the outline, but I think this document isn’t serving the community and it doesn’t feel very strategic.

To use Creative Commons as an example again, they published their 5 year strategic plan this year, and it’s pretty good! The document is only about 10 pages long, very readable, clear statements on why they exist, what their core values are, and distilled down to 3 strategic goals and what success looks like for each.

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