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Lolcat of awesomeness+/-

Zverik para outros usos orsum Blog, Forum e outros usos en mapas desfeita WTFPL!

The lolcat of awesomeness awsomeness awsumnez orsumnez award was given periodically to someone within OSM who has done the teh awesome awsum orsum work.

The above Template:lolcat is no longer shown on the english Main Page, and the lolcat is considered "retired". Although it is in fact still included on many language translations of the Main Page.

Past Awards

2013-11-01 (most recent 'current' award) Zverik for hiz multi purrpose orsum Blog, Forum and everything maps plugin unda teh WTFPL!

2012-01-25 Richard Fairhurst for coordinating a clear and concise website, with huge amounts of help from the OpenStreetMap community

2011-11-25 Pascal Neis for his OpenStreetMap 7th Anniversary tool and other nifty creations which make being an OSM contributor more fun, and for helping create weekly summaries. [1]

2011-05-22 Ldp for impressive logic work on mapnik style files to resolve a whole bunch of outstanding highway/rail/bridge layering issues, thus removing many long-standing trac reports and seriously improving look of the map

2011-04-07 Richard, Gravitystorm, Randomjunk and others for creating and gifting the awsumnez Potlatch 2 to the world.

2010-11-25 Richard Weait for his dedication to spreading the gospel according to OpenStreetMap, including his sterling work on OpenGeoData and the Project of the Week.

2010-07-14 For the awesum team that organised State Of The Map 2010. You know who you are, be proud.

2010-03-05 JOSM Developer Team for the awesumness that is JOSM. Special note of appreciation for the JOSM Plugin WMS Racer.

2009-11-12 Twain for developing the impressive new OpenStreetMap search (Nominatim). Also available via search. Offers both Geocoding and Reverse-Geocoding.

2009-08-28 Matt and Andy for OAuth and everyone who helped during the big server maintenance and upgrades weekend. (See Blog)

2009-07-04 Ldp for OSM mapnik layer performance optimisations, apmon & Joto for Mod_tile improvements, Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason for translation support improvements + new www features, TomH for async geo lookup on www, Matt for shortlinks and Ulfm for dispelling FUD.

2009-05-08 All involved in API v0.6 and particularly the "migration crew" who pulled some all-nighters to get it running smoothly

2009-03-09 TomH and Matt for fixing a bug in ruby-libxml that was causing the server to fall over regularly

2008-12-18 The German community for negotiating use of Oberpfalz aerial imagery.

2008-11-10 Everyone who came to the 2nd International OSM Hack Weekend and made huge progress on API v0.6

2008-09-17 Andy Allan for his brilliant work on opencyclemap which has just been commended in the 2008 British Cartographic Society Awards.

2008-08-28 User:Mikel for promoting open mapping out in the West Bank (his blog)

2008-08-04 Whoever made the OSM birthday cake! (guys in Japan)

2008-07-09 Etric Celine for Tagwatch Europe

2008-06-28 Crschmidt for the data browser

2008-05-22 Francois Schnell for OSM Aware

2008-04-19 Pope TomH for the new export tab

2008-03-17 User:spaetz for organising a successful OSM application to the Google Summer of Code.

2008-03-07 User:Mikel and User:SchuylerErle have just got back from a month long workshop marathon in India, teaching and promoting OSM. FreeMapIndia website blog photos

2008-02-28 User:bobkare for tuning Osmarender to propper placement of names/labels in oddly shaped areas. A C-shaped lake used to have it's name printed on the peninsula (ie. center of gravity), now it's within the lake. (Not yet all T@H-clients use it)

2008-02-16 Jburgess for creating; Mod_tile a high performance mapnik tile serving apache module and rendering daemon.

2008-02-09 Kleptog for work on the coastline error checker and shapefiles, which has lead to the better Mapnik coastlines.

2008-02-01 Steve8 again for properly displaying bridges and tunnels in the Mapnik slippy map.

2008-01-18 Saint TomH of Hertfordshire for adding comments and replies to diary entries

2008-01-02 Harry Wood for his OSM WikiGnome activities.

2007-12-14 Steve8 for setting up a London Tube Network Map

2007-11-20 RichardF for adding casing and area rendering to potlatch.

2007-10-31 TomH again again, for stopping large GPXs from clogging up the queue

2007-10-05 AcousticNewt for Mkgmap, which h4xx0rs the infamous Garmin .IMG format so you can have OSM maps on your GPS.

2007-09-21 The entire OSM Netherlands community for successfully importing the AND data.

2007-09-13 TomH again, for greatly speeding up GPS point downloads by cunning use of QuadTiles.

2007-08-09 David Earl for his work on the OpenStreetMap namefinder/search tool.

2007-07-31 TomH for making the slippy map remember where you last looked.