Grand Canyon National Park

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Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, United States

latitude: 36.3099, longitude: -112.7835
Browse map of the Grand Canyon National Park 36°18′35.64″ N, 112°47′00.60″ W
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Grand Canyon National Park is a national park in Arizona, United States at latitude 36°18′35.64″ North, longitude 112°47′00.60″ West.

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relation 183377

Roads and Tracks

Apart from the AZ 64 and many of the roads of the Grand Canyon Village, almost all of the forest service roads and other tracks have been unreviewed since the Tiger import in 2007. Many of the tracks are either mapped incorrectly or don't exist at all. A lot of work to be done here.

Sources of data include


The aim of this project is to map all of the official hiking trails listed in the Wikipedia entry.

Within the Grand Canyon, OSM data is already, I think, superior to other online maps in coverage and accuracy (Google is particularly poor here). There are a number of ways we can enhance the usefulness of OSM to mappers and hikers in the future;


Trails within the canyon itself are closed to bicyles and motorbikes, so the ways representing trails should be tagged;

highway=path should be preferred over highway=footway.

See Hiking for possible tagging of hiking trails.


Ultimately we're aiming to represent all the trails as a set of relations. Currently the following tag schema is used for these relations;

Optional tags can be added for wikipedia or other web entries. See Walking Routes for further ideas on how to tag hiking relations.

Corridor Trails

Trail Way/Relation Notes
Bright Angel Trail relation 2836803 Complete
North Kaibab Trail relation 2836789 Complete
Plateau Point Trail relation 2837423 Complete
River Trail relation 2836804 Complete
South Kaibab Trail relation 2836796 Complete

Threshold trails

Trail Way/Relation Notes
Clear Creek Trail relation 2837455 Complete
Dripping Springs Trail relation 2836830 Complete
Grandview Trail relation 2837621 Complete
Hermit Trail relation 2836831 Complete
Thunder River Trail relation 2841711 Complete
Waldron Trail relation 2836832 Complete

Primitive Trails

Trail Way/Relation Notes
Beamer Trail relation 2836774 Complete
Bill Hall Trail relation 2841710 Complete
Boucher Trail relation 2836817 Complete
Deer Creek Trail relation 2856231 Complete
Havasu Canyon Route relation 8264406 Complete
Kanab Creek Trail
Lava Falls Trail relation 2844955 Complete
Nankoweap Trail relation 2837839 Complete
North Bass Trail relation 2845631 Complete
New Hance Trail (Red Canyon Trail) relation 2836717 Complete
South Bass Trail relation 2838553 Complete
South Canyon Trail relation 8090992 Complete. No gpx available for upper section from rim trailhead to Bedrock Canyon, traced from USGS maps.
Tanner Trail relation 2836727 Complete
Tonto Trail relation 2836546 Complete
Tuckup Trail relation 8255948 First section to Cave Canyon OK, rest is unclear


Trail Way/Relation Notes
Escalante Route relation 2836726 Complete
Esplanade Route relation 8098847 Complete - No GPX, USGS map trace only.
Royal Arch Route relation 2838517 Complete

Above-rim trails

Trail Way/Relation Notes
Bright Angel Point Trail relation 2845780 Complete
Cape Final Trail relation 2838401 Complete
Cape Royal Trail relation 2846327 Complete
Cliff Spring Trail relation 2846307 Complete
Francois Matthes Trail relation 8081383 Complete
Fire Point Trail
Ken Patrick Trail relation 2845734 Complete
Komo Point Trail relation 8081347 Complete
Point Imperial Trail relation 8096218 Complete
Rim Trail relation 2856431 Complete
Tiyo Point Trail relation 8194115 Complete
Transept Trail relation 2845788 Slightly unclear where the northern trailhead is (in the Transept campground), otherwise complete
Uncle Jim Trail relation 2841723 Complete
Walhalla Glades Trail relation 8106946 Complete - No GPX, USGS map trace only
Walhalla Spur Trail relation 8261972 Complete
Widforss Trail relation 2838417 Complete

Manmade Features

Water sources, emergency telephones, campgrounds, ranger stations, toilets, parking and trailheads. Also the buildings and facilities in the North Rim, Grand Canyon Village and Desert View.

Natural Features

Mountains, rivers, valleys, waterfalls, springs, minor canyons, rock formations and other points of natural interest.


There is currently some discussion in the OSM community about the tagging of dry rivers, but until there's a consensus this project is using the following schema;

Dry creeks, washes, arroyos and other dry stream beds should be tagged;

Though it's a moot point when applied to dry rivers, according to OSM guidelines a river becomes a stream if 'it can be jumped across by an active, able-bodied person', or roughly less than 2 meters in width.

seasonal=no applies to river beds that only flow during rare floods (classed as 'ephemeral' by the USGS). This would apply to the majority of dry creeks in the desert areas of Arizona.

Tiger 2014

The latest Tiger 2014 data has a comprehensive and reasonably accurate set of line data for waterways in Coconino county which can be used as a guide for tracing creeks or imported directly. A few points;

  • Some of the data points are very dense - simplify ways with excessive nodes before uploading into OSM
  • There is naming information in the Tiger data (the FULLNAME tag), but this is incomplete, uses abbreviations (crk instead of creek) and sometimes incorrect. Check and correct all names against other sources, e.g. the USGS Topographic Maps layer in JOSM
  • There are still some errors in the Tiger data - at a minimum all new waterways should be visually checked against Bing imagery before uploading. In particular the direction of water flow is often incorrect.

Wikipedia Integration

To make the map more useful and expose it to a wider audience, any relevant object in the map should be linked to its corresponding Wikipedia article. Just add a wikipedia=* tag to the node, way or relation and reference the relevant wikipedia article - use the URL for the article after the final forward slash. The WIWOSM preferred format is; wikipedia=lang:article

For example, the Bright Angel Trail has a Wikipedia entry with the URL address

and the relevant tag is;


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