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しかし、正しく道路を分類するために、編集の標準と慣例に従い、 highway タグの使い方を参照してタグ付けしてください。後者については、国によって別なページが存在するかもしれません。

写真 説明/注釈 タグ Mapnik/OSM-Carto
Dscf0240 600.jpg Motorway with 4 lanes and separation
Dscf0242 600.jpg Motorway link with 2 lanes (the smaller road on the right)
Dscf0444 600.jpg Trunk with 2 lanes and separation
Highway secondary-photo.jpg Secondary road
Brake-K200-Schmalenfleth1.JPG Smaller road, maybe tertiary with appropriate administrative status
Schwanewede-Flachsberg.jpg Smaller road without administrative status
Dscf0220 600.jpg Track, built and used by/for farmers, compact sand
Dscf0250 600.jpg Footway in a forest, with allowance for bicycles
Gravel-forest-path.jpg A gravel path enters the forest. Local knowledge indicates that it is a hiking and biking trail.
Gravel path-3m.jpg 3m wide gravel path. Local knowledge [1] indicates that this is a shared-use path (“It is open to bicyclists, hikers, joggers and horseback riders in the spring, summer and fall and to snowmobilers, skiers and dog sledders during the winter...No ATV’s are allowed on the trail.”)
Highway-path motorvehicleno.jpg 2.5m wide asphalt concrete path. It is signed “No motor vehicles,” and local knowledge [2] indicates that it is a shared use path (“...is a hiking and biking trail...”).
Permissive.jpg Panoramaweg near Malter dam between Dippoldiswalde and Malter. For trained cyclists this path is like a street. 50.915228 13.659126
PathSnowmobile.jpg A path built and designated for snowmobile use. Legality for foot and bicycles unknown. 67.789 24.856
Path-footyes.jpg A path with no signs at all but too narrow for motorcars so it's not a highway=track but starts from the end of a track. Allowed and not totally unsuitable for cycling, but not known to be walkable. 60.1608 24.7205
06072009(045).jpg A path through an urban forest as in "there is something used for transport"; walking is possible on dry and non-winter days with a sure foot, but you wouldn't route anyone there.
Path-bicycledesignated.jpg A path on which only cycling is allowed.


Path-motorcarnohorseno.jpg A path on which motorized vehicles and horses are forbidden.

(In fact, the white background notice explains that law forbids horses on special leisure walking/excercise routes - that aren't signposted - which makes this "mainly for cyclists and pedestrians" and not an agricultural track.)

60.2361 25.1687
Bridleway-reitweg-de.jpg Bridleway