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Public-images-osm logo.svg addr:place
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part of address, which is not related to street, but to some territorial zone, linear object, node or some abstract object Edit or translate this description.
Group: Address
Used on these elements
may be used on nodesmay be used on waysmay be used on areasmay be used on relations
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Status: in use


There are some legitimate cases when a street isn’t a part of an address. One common example are small villages in some countries (e.g. Austria, Czechia, Slovakia, Poland), in which there are just a few streets with no names, so there’s no street name to put into the address, and addresses usually look like <Village name> <house number>, e.g. Steindorf 30, Tuchlinek 85, Rohovce 47. Since the part of the address before the house number is not, in fact, a street name, it would be wrong to put it into the addr:street=* tag: we would either need to put the name of the village on all actually unnamed streets in the village, thus violating the ground truth principle, or the software might start complaining there isn’t a street with such a name.

When using addr:place=*, make sure there is a matching place=* object of the same name to keep data consistent. It is required by Nominatim for it to be able to find the addresses using it, see this issue for more details.


  • Russia, Leningradskaya Oblast, Viborgsky District, village Veshevo[1], number 1 (Russian: Россия, Ленинградская область, Выборгский район, деревня Вещево, номер 1)
  • Russia, Saint Petersburg, village Novaya[2], number 7 (Russian: Россия, Санкт-Петербург, Новая Деревня, номер 7)
  • Russia, Saint Petersburg, Elagin Island[3], number 10 (Russian: Россия, Санкт-Петербург, Елагин остров, номер 10)
  • Russia, Saint Petersburg, Galerny Island[4], number 12 (Russian: Россия, Санкт-Петербург, Галерный Остров, номер 12)
  • Russia, Leningradskaya Oblast, Viborgsky District, village Roshino, gardening Viktoria[5], number 2 (Russian: Россия, Ленинградская область, Выборгский район, деревня Рощино, садоводство "Виктория", номер 2)
  • Russia, Leningradskaya Oblast, Vsevolozhsky District, gardening area Dunay, gardening Zdorovye[6] (Russian: Россия, Ленинградская область, Всеволожский район, садоводческий массив Дунай, садоводство Здоровье, номер 3)
  • Russia, city Saint Petersburg, town Kolpino, Left Bank of River Izhora[7], number 4 (Russian: Россия, город Санкт-Петербург, город Колпино, Левый берег реки Ижоры, 4)
  • Russia, city Saint Petersburg, village Strelna, Bolnichnaya Mointain[8], number 3 (Russian: Россия, город Санкт-Петербург, посёлок Стрельна, Больничная горка, 3)
  • Russia, Leningradskaya Oblast, Boksitogorsky District, village Efimovsky, microdistrict 1[9], number 5 (Russian: Россия, Ленинградская область, Бокситогорский район, посёлок Ефимовский, микрорайон 1, дом 5)
  • Russia, city Saint Petersburg, town Pushkin, Pavilion of Uritsky[10], number 6 (Russian: Россия, город Санкт-Петербург, город Пушкин, Павильон Урицкого, номер 6)
  • Austria, Salzburg, Gemeinde Mauterndorf, Steindorf
  • Tuchlinek 85, Poland


Use addr:place instead of addr:street=* for buildings whose number belongs not to a street, but to some other object. It is okay to have both addr:place=* and addr:city=* with the same value on the same object.

  • addr:place=Veshevo + addr:housenumber=1 at house (also you can use addr:city=Veshevo at house simultaneously with addr:place, not instead of addr:place) and name=Veshevo + place=village at polygon and node, related to village
  • addr:place=village Novaya + addr:housenumber=7
  • addr:place=Elagin Island + addr:housenumber=10
  • addr:place=Galerny Island + addr:housenumber=12
  • addr:place=gardening Viktoria + addr:housenumber=2
  • addr:place=gardening Zdorovye + addr:housenumber=3
  • addr:place=Left Bank of River Izhora + addr:housenumber=4
  • addr:place=Bolnichnaya Mointain + addr:housenumber=3
  • addr:place=microdistrict 1 + addr:housenumber=5
  • addr:place=Pavilion of Uritsky + addr:housenumber=6

If number of house belongs to some existing object, we can create a relation and include to it houses with role house and object with role object.

Software support

Name Support Remarks
iD no as of 2017-04-15; GitHub issue
JOSM yes built-in preset and HouseNumberTaggingTool plugin
Magic Earth no as of 2017-04-15
MapFactor Navigator Free yes
MAPS.ME no as of 2017-04-15; GitHub issue
Nominatim yes
OsmAnd yes
OSM Inspector yes in Addresses view. Note that cutoff radius for association is 1 km, which will fail for large or long villages.
Pelias (Mapzen Search geocoder) no as of 2017-04-15; GitHub issue
Vespucci yes
Yanosik yes


  1. Veshevo - existing village
  2. Novaya - village, which existed some time ago, now it is part of address of some buildings in Saint Petersburg
  3. Elagin Island - existing island
  4. Galerny Island - island, which existed some time ago, now it is part of address of some buildings in Saint Petersburg
  5. gardening Viktoria - existing gardening in village Roshino
  6. Zdorovye, number 3 - existing gardening in gardening area Dunay in Vzevolozhsky District
  7. Left Bank of River Izhora - part of address of some buildings, located near river Izhora in Kolpino
  8. Bolnichnaya Mointain - part of address of some buildings
  9. microdistrict 1 - part (quarter) of village Efimovsky
  10. Pavilion of Uritskogo - part of address of some building in Pushkin