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Public-images-osm logo.svg material
Stapel bakstenen - Pile of bricks 2005 Fruggo.jpg
Describes the main material of a physical feature. Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: properties
Used on these elements
may be used on nodesmay be used on waysmay be used on areas (and multipolygon relations)should not be used on relations (except multipolygon relations)
Documented values: 3
Status: de facto

material=* – describes the main material of a physical feature.

It is most commonly used to describe the material of monuments, memorials, statues, walls, fences, but can be used for any other physical object except those listed below, which use other tags:

Common values

Key Value Description Photo
material wood  Wood. Snohomish, WA - log pavilion 03.jpg
material concrete  Concrete. Concrete barrier at Nørre Vorupør.jpgConcrete fence.jpg
material metal Unspecified  metal. It is better to use a more accurate value if you know what metal it is. Galvanized metal wall.jpgChain-link-Fence.jpg
material steel  Steel. HK Central Murray Road Hutchison House entrance stairs stainless steel fences Nov-2012.jpgStainless Steel Railings and the Pier, Teignmouth - - 646827.jpgBollards in Haringey London England 2.jpg
material stone  Stone. Use a more precise value if you know which stone it is (see the following lines). Bumthang - Mauer aus Rundsteinen.JPG
material reinforced_concrete  Reinforced concrete. BarreiraNewJersey.JPG
material plastic  Plastic. HK West Kln Austin Road West Sidewalk n Traffic Control 1.JPGJiminyPicketVinylFence.jpg
material brick  Brick. Old Brick Wall - - 1459733.jpgShrine near Chabahil stupa.jpg
material bronze  Bronze. Pomnik Anonimowego Przechodnia.JPG
material granite  Granite. 'Zonnetafel - Valthe.jpgMarktplatz, aurich.jpg
material brass  Brass. Astoria, OR, Prop 9-1-13 (10004012325).jpg
material glass  Glass. HK IFC Roof Podium Garden Glass Sculpture purple tile mosaics.JPGCove Fort County Cork Titanic Memorial Garden Main Glass Memorial.JPG
material sandstone  Sandstone. Abdeckstein.jpgThe sandstone gate of Galgotias University..JPGTypical local red sandstone wall - - 228300.jpg
material rock  Rock. To avoid, prefer material=stone PTK Monument Poznan.JPG
material aluminium  Aluminium. Skulptur i aluminium vid Blackebergs centrum.JPG
material soil  Soil, earth. Often used in combination with man_made=embankment. Stagnogley.JPG
material marble  Marble. White marble fence @ Temple of Heaven in Beijing - panoramio.jpgDetail of carved marble column base - Maharani Ki Chhatri, Jaipur (4609882817).jpg
material limestone  Limestone. Jerusalem Western Wall stones.jpgSwabian memorial stone. Ship and rail. - Nagytétény, Budapest.JPG
material tufa  Tufa and/or  travertine - a soft sedimentary rock formed by the chemical precipitation of calcium carbonate minerals from fresh water, typically in springs, rivers, and lakes, especially in  karst around waterfalls Kalktuff-Block Schloss-Tuebingen 2.jpgBanditaccia Tomba Dei Capitelli.jpg
material dry_stone  Dry stone, stones laid without any mortar to bind them together. Dry stone globe.jpg
material andesite  Andesite. Zenepavilon, a Család szobor és a Faluház, 2019 Erdőkertes.jpgBolivia-72 - Back view - Gate of the Sun (2217309605).jpg
material adobe  Adobe, mudbrick. Material made from earth and organic materials. Milyanfan-adobe-bricks-8038.jpg
material iron  Iron. County Hall, wrought iron gate, 2017 Nyíregyháza.jpgStorgatan 14 wrought iron fence Goteborg.jpgPikiWiki Israel 9971 iron sculpture garden in ganei-tikva.jpg
material sand  Sand. Sand Sculpture Taiwan 2011.jpg
material plaster  Plaster. Sculpture, plaster (AM 53811-1).jpg
material slate  Slate. Slate garden wall Blackwell House - - 930728.jpg
material bamboo  Bamboo. Construction maison bambou.jpg
material metal_grid Metal grid (depending on the model also called wire mesh or wire grid, comparable is also perforated metal) is a specific type of material=metal. It is often used for seats and backrests of benches, sometimes also for outdoor tables. Bench metal grid.jpg
material basalt  Basalt. Базальтове.jpg
material weathering_steel  Weathering steel, sometimes called COR-TEN steel, are steel alloys that obtain a distinctive stable rust-like exterior when exposed to the weather. Typically used as building cladding and in abstract sculptures. Stadtarchiv Essen.jpg
material tyres  Tyres. Tyre building.jpg
material rammed_earth  Rammed earth. Paderne Morrish Castle 26 Nov 2007 (6).JPG
material palm_leaves  Arecaceae.
material epoxy  Epoxy, a family of resins that may replace wood or concrete to mould or cast several industrial, urban, or domestic appliances
material masonry Masonry is not a material. Please use other values.
material user defined All commonly used values according to Taginfo

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