Kosmos AirNav Rules

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Ideas for what an Aeronautical chart might look like using OSM data.


Option Value Comment
MinKosmosVersion 2.1 Minimal version of Kosmos needed to use these rules
LandBackgroundColor #FFFFFF
SeaColor #CADFF4

Background areas

Riverbank Area waterway=riverbank Polygon (Color=#CADFF4)
Land Area natural=land Polygon (Color=#FFFFFF)

Ground-level map

This probably wants to be quite faint since it's only for correlating the map with what you can see in VFR view.

Rivers in blue since they will sparkle and reflect and be easy to see.

Large roads are all "just roads" - we don't care what designation they are, other than where it affects their width.

River Way waterway=river Polyline (MinZoom=5, Color=#CADFF4, Width=5:1;17:6, Curved=true)
HighwaySecondary Way highway=secondary Polyline (MinZoom=6, Color=#DFDFDF, Width=6:1;17:5) EliminateSeams
HighwayPrimary Way highway=primary Polyline (MinZoom=6, Color=#DFDFDF, Width=6:1;17:5) EliminateSeams
HighwayPrimaryLink Way highway=primary_link Polyline (MinZoom=6, Color=#DFDFDF, Width=6:1;17:5) EliminateSeams
HighwayTrunk Way highway=trunk Polyline (MinZoom=6, Color=#DFDFDF, Width=6:1;17:5) EliminateSeams
HighwayTrunkLink Way highway=trunk_link Polyline (MinZoom=6, Color=#DFDFDF, Width=6:1;17:5) EliminateSeams
HighwayMotorway Way highway=motorway Polyline (MinZoom=6, Color=#DFDFDF, Width=6:1;17:7) EliminateSeams
HighwayMotorwayLink Way highway=motorway_link Polyline (MinZoom=6, Color=#DFDFDF, Width=6:1;17:5) EliminateSeams

Obstructions for low-flying charts

Tall buildings (building=* with height>...) should probably be marked here

PowerLines Way power=line Polyline (MinZoom=13, Color=#FF0000, Width=12:1;17:2)
PowerTower Node power=tower Symbol (Type=Diamond, MinZoom=14, Color=#FF0000, Density=12:10;17:10, Size=14:4;17:4)
CableCars Way aerialway=* Polyline (MinZoom=12, Color=#FF0000, Width=14:1;17:3)
Tower1 Node tower=* Symbol (MinZoom=13, Type=Diamond, Size=14:1;17:8, Color=#FF0000)
Tower2 Node man_made=tower Symbol (MinZoom=13, Type=Diamond, Size=14:1;17:8, Color=#FF0000)

Tall buildings

TallBuildings Way IsTaggedWith(e,"height") AND ValueNum(e,"height") > 100 Polygon (MinZoom=13, Color=#ff0000)

Stuff within airports

This should go only on the approach plates, not on the navigation chart

Apron Way aeroway=apron Polygon (MinZoom=14, Color=#808080)
Taxiway Way aeroway=taxiway Polyline (MinZoom=14, Color=#000000, Width=12:1;17:5)

Helicopter facilities

Just default icon from Kosmos General Purpose Rules

HelipadNode Node aeroway=helipad Icon (MinZoom=12, IconUrl=http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/images/f/f7/Helipad20.png, Width=12:5;17:20)


Note: these need to be not-to-scale later - the airport diagram comprising its runways needs to be a big symbol even at low zoom

Runway Way aeroway=runway Polyline (MinZoom=11, Color=#000000, Width=11:10;17:10)

Airport labels

We need to be able to combine lots of different fields' data into one infobox for the airport, e.g. name, ICAO, IATA, frequencies, and put a border/background around the whole lot

IcaoCode Node aeroway=airport Text (MinZoom=9, Color=#3761DF, TagToUse=icao, FontName=Arial, FontStyle=regular, FontSize=9:11;17:15, TextLineOffset=60%)
AirportName Node aeroway=airport Text (MinZoom=9, Color=#3761DF, TagToUse=name, FontName=Arial, FontStyle=regular, FontSize=9:11;17:15, TextLineOffset=-50%)

TODO: does OSM use aerodrome (how quaint) or airport?

Low-zoom airport labels

LowZoomAirport Node aeroway=airport Text (MaxZoom=9, Color=#3761DF, TagToUse=icao, FontName=Arial, FontStyle=regular, FontSize=3:4;9:11)
LowZoomAirport2 Node aeroway=aerodrome Text (MaxZoom=9, Color=#3761DF, TagToUse=icao, FontName=Arial, FontStyle=regular, FontSize=3:4;9:11)


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