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Available languages — Mac OS
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macOS (formerly Mac OS X and OS X) is a Unix-based operating system developed by Apple for its Macintosh line of computers. iOS is the mobile counterpart to macOS.

The most basic way to use OpenStreetMap on your Mac is to open in a Web browser such as Safari. The iD editor embedded on the website supports basic editing of OpenStreetMap, but you may find a desktop editor to be much more convenient for more advanced editing, such as imports.

OpenStreetMap applications

The following applications rely on OpenStreetMap for core functionality, so they’re good ways to use OpenStreetMap on your Mac.

Viewing maps

These applications focus on viewing various OpenStreetMap-based maps. Some of them also allow you to cache maps for offline usage.

Editing the map

In addition to the Web editors iD and Potlatch 2, the following editors can be installed as Mac applications:

  • JOSM - Java OpenStreetMap Editor. See JOSM/Mac for mac specific notes. Very uncommon user interface, most known Mac shortcuts won’t work with JOSM.
  • Merkaartor

Working with GPS tracks

Using these applications, you can convert and upload your GPS tracks to OpenStreetMap to help you add features to the map.

  • BT747 - software to interact with GPS loggers, displays tracks on top of OSM.
  • GpsMaster
  • GpsPrune - Shows tracks on top of OSM maps and allows editing of the points, as well as converting between formats.
  • GPXSee - GPX, TCX, FIT, KML, IGC and NMEA viewer and analyzer with various OSM-based map sources.
  • JGPSTrackEdit
  • Maps4Mac and offline browser for OSM maps with GPS support.
  • Mkgmap - Converts OSM data into maps that can be loaded onto Garmin GPS devices. Requires Java 1.5.
  • MyTracks
  • RouteConverter
  • RubiTrack - Designed for organizing and tracking your sports activity. Import from several Garmin devices and iPhone. Can export GPX files. Version 1.x still uses Google Maps for tracking. Since Version 2.0 OSM Data can be also viewed.
  • Vectorial Map

Recording GPS tracks

Main article: Recording GPS tracks

These applications allow you to record your movement as GPS tracks:

Trip planning

Applications using OpenStreetMap

These applications also use OpenStreetMap in some fashion:

  • iPhoto can be converted to use OSM in place of Google Maps
  • QGIS
  • TrailRunner - Route planning software for many sport acitivities like running, biking or hiking. Exports routes to your iPod or cellphone. TrailRunner actually is donationware.

Libraries for developers


Library Minimum OS version Objective-C Swift Interface Builder AppleScript License Notes
Mapbox macOS SDK 10.10.0 yes yes yes yes BSD Customizable, interactive vector maps styled in Mapbox Studio and rendered using OpenGL.
MapboxStatic.swift 10.10.0 yes yes no yes BSD Connects to Mapbox's Static API for static map images. Handy for situations where an interactive map is overkill.
Tangram ES 10.9.0 ObjC++ no no no MIT 2D and 3D map renderer using OpenGL


Library Minimum OS version Objective-C Swift AppleScript License Notes
Pelias 10.11 no yes no Apache 2 Connects to Mapzen’s Pelias Geocoder instance


Library Minimum OS version Objective-C Swift AppleScript License Notes
GraphHopper 10.10.0 yes yes Unknown Apache 2 Offline routing library
MapboxDirections.swift 10.10.0 yes yes yes ISC Connects to Mapbox's OSRM-based Directions API

Processing OpenStreetMap data

Library Minimum OS version Objective-C Swift AppleScript License Notes
OSMKit Unknown yes yes no MIT Parses and stores OSM data in a spatialite database.

Utilities for contributors

  • Gmapibuilder
  • GPSBabel - Tool for converting various data formats to the .GPX format.
  •, online converter and route portal, converts also Garmin TCX / CRS files to GPX. Submission to OpenStreetMap is possible.
  • LoadMyTracks – Loads and sends data to GPS Devices. Support for several Garmin (USB and serial), Globalsat, Lowrence, Magellan (USB and serial), Timex, TomTom and Sony devices. GPS and KML export.
  • RubiTrack Support direct import from Garmin (including TCX). Also has embedded GPSBabel for other formats. Can export GPX. Currently doesn't use OSM as source of maps (just Google), but developers say that OSM will be later.
  • OsmAndMapCreator
  • QLandkarte

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