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a caliper demonstrating verifiability

The verifiability of this proposal is disputed. Please see the discussion on the talk page. Please do not remove this message until the dispute is resolved.

This tag is for indication that a map entity such as a hotel, campsite etc. offers accommodation for bikers which usually includes special offers such as a place to dry clothes, technical help a.s.o. (also see Talk:Key:motorcycle friendly).

Note that this tag is subjective, vague, unverifiable, rarely tagged and not used by any real data consumer. All this problems are result of fundamental problems and unlikely to be fixable.

What should be tagged

This tag could be used for:


  • secure parking (not necessarily a garage)
  • tools for minor repairs
  • drying room (for wet clothes and other equipment)
  • tour tips and informations about motorcycle-related POIs in the region.

Optional (see Proposed features/motorcycle_friendly and compare with Services tags in shop=motorcycle)

key possible values description taginfo
motorcycle:tools yes/no Availability of tools for minor repairs
motorcycle:parking yes/no/covered/garage/shelter/court Whether a parking belongs to the accommodation, also see motorcycle_parking, usage similar to outdoor_seating=*
motorcycle:tours guided/info Either guided tours or information material
drying:room yes/heated/no Whether there is a separate room to dry equipment, see Proposed_features/drying
motorcycle:theme yes/no For amenities (restaurant/pub/bar) and in case the accommodation is especially for motorcyclists
proprietor:motorcyclist yes/no Whether the proprietor rides himself (and therefore got expertise)

Useful combinations

  • description=* Short summary of characteristics (Garage, tools, drying room, tour tips)

With one of the above mentioned tourism=* tags :

Separate several sport/leisure values with ;

Example : sport=billiards;table_soccer;darts

In case of several values for amenity=*, create new node or way,

also because opening_hours etc. may differ

Why not amenity=motorcycle_friendly ?

Would get in conflict if an entity is tagged with tourism=hotel and amenity=restaurant.

Common tagging mistakes

None yet

See also