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Traffic island
Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Lulu-Ann
Tagging: landuse=traffic_island
Applies to: area
Definition: A traffic island is a small area that separates highways and pedestrians allowed to walk here.

Draft started: 2010-04-08
But by the definition above, a traffic island is not a highway.
  • It ought to be combined with crossings tagged as specifications of footways and cycleways instead of being marked as nodes.


The tag highway=traffic_island can be helpful to map the real number of sections of a pedestrian or bicycle crossing, whereas the crossing nodes show the passage more complicated than it is.

Up to now it is possible to tag a traffic island as a puzzle of landuse=grass and highway=footway areas, but many traffic islands also comprise paved areas that are not traffic space, and waiting positions for cyclists on a traffic island are neighter a footway, nor a bikebox that could be tagged as highway=asl.

An item similar to highway=traffic_island was used with highway=platform, before it was considered that it is better to tag public_transport=platform


  • Consider mapping highways as separate way per traffic direction.
  • It is possible that footways, cycleways, or road lanes go across a traffic island.
  • Traffic islands have different types of kerbs. They might be passable for wheelchair users or not, and they might be high enough to be detected by a blind person with a white cane or not.
  • Traffic islands might have different surfaces.
  • Traffic islands might have poles of traffic lights on them, button operated or not.
  • Traffic islands can be passable for pedestrians or not. They can be middle rest of a zebra crossing, an uncontrolled crossing, a tucan crossing...

Examples with images

The setting of the third photo (53.071303 N|8.801245 E) may be mapped as follows:

Where the crossings are for foot and bike together without segregation, it seems better to tag the drawn lines highway=crossing + access tags.



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