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Crossing cleanup and deprecation
Proposal status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: Riiga
Tagging: crossing=*
Applies to: node
Definition: Approval of crossing:signals=* and deprecation of crossing=*

Drafted on: 2022-11-28 (previous draft 2022-11-07)
RFC start: 2022-11-28



With the approval of the crossing:markings=* proposal there is now a satisfactory way of tagging whether a crossing is marked or not regardless of the crossing being uncontrolled or having traffic signals. For signals, there is crossing:signals=* which fulfills the same role but has not been approved yet. With both of these approved and in use, there is no need to use the crossing=* key anymore as it superfluous and mixes properties.


Some of the most common values can easily be migrated to the new tagging. Below are suggested changes to make when upgrading the tagging. I do not propose any mechanical edits be made, that is up to each local community to decide.

Old New Comment
crossing=marked crossing:markings=yes crossing:signals=no cannot be added without verifying the presence of signals due to some dubious usage of crossing=marked by certain editors.
crossing=unmarked crossing:markings=no crossing:signals=no cannot be added without verifying the presence of signals due to some dubious usage of crossing=unmarked by certain editors. In certain countries it might be possible to infer crossing:signals=no.
crossing=uncontrolled crossing:signals=no Tag could have been misused, so not possible to assume all instances have markings.
crossing=traffic_signals crossing:signals=yes Not possible to assume all signal-controlled crossings have markings. In some countries it is be possible. Each local community will have to decide once migration of tags start.
crossing=zebra crossing:markings=yes
The type of zebra markings may differ depending country, so no assumption can be made about appearence globally. Only add the crossing_ref=* in countries where it is commonly used.
crossing=no crossing=no This will be kept as it serves a function and is not used as a subtag.
crossing=island crossing:island=* Already approved. Please migrate to this tagging along with any other needed marking and signal tags.
crossing_ref=* Also add the appropriate marking and signal tags.


Example Tagging
Crossing IMG 20200819 140456.jpg
Wyniesione przejście dla pieszych 01.JPG
Kraków - Al. Pokoju i ul. Centralna - przejście dla pieszych i przejazd rowerowy nocą - DSC08256 v1.jpg

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