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French telecom distribution point.jpg
Telecom distribution points
Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: fanfouer
Tagging: telecom=distribution_point
Applies to: node
Definition: Introduce telecom distribution points mapping with brand new telecom=distribution_point
Drafted on: 2019-04-05
RFC start: 2019-05-09


Distribution points (722-12-19) are piece of equipment allowing to connect individuals and households to telecom local loops. They are often installed in the street, basements or on top of poles.
As visible, permanent and ubiquitous features, it may be interesting to add them in OSM with a reviewed tagging. Several concepts already exists and are useful to define how : location=*, support=*, telecom=* and telecom:medium=*.

These points are distinguishable from other equipment with a telephone or ISO 7010-W004 sign (laser hazard ISO 7010 W004.svg) symbol and always directly connect houses, flats or offices.


It is proposed to introduce telecom=distribution_point to map all those small boxes with their refs and properties.
This key is intended for nodes only.
For sake of precision, relevancy and One_feature,_one_OSM_element principle, each box seen on ground should get its dedicated node.

Pretty simple to map: look for such distribution points, put a node on their exact location and tag them with following tagging


Key Value Description Use
telecom distribution_point The distribution point should be mapped with a node mandatory
telecom:medium copper, fibre or coaxial The type of local loop it is used to. recommended
ref <reference> Reference of the point as seen on ground if applicable. recommended
operator <operator> The name of the company that operates the distribution point. recommended
owner <owner> The name of the organization which has the ownership of the equipment (State or local administritive organisation for example) optional
support pedestal, pole,... Support holding the distribution point box. They are usually installed on dedicated concrete pedestal, poles or walls. optional
capacity <number> Amount of connections the point can reach. Usually 1, 7, 14 or 20 optional
location underground, overground or overhead Location of the distribution point. useful to indicate a ladder or a pod is required to get access to it optional
manufacturer <company> Name of the company that provide the box of the distribution point optional

There is no reviewed way to tag telecom poles while some of those boxes can be installed on poles actually. You can still use support=pole if you want to state that the box is installed on a pole.

Edition management

No keys are planned to be replaced in this proposal.

Affected pages


Photo Location Tagging Note
French telecom distribution point.jpg France

ref:FR:PTT=AB0 T13 A4

A very common French telecom distribution point in a white box. Such points can connect up to 7 customers to local loop copper distribution cables
French telecom distribution point fibre.jpg France


The same box as the copper one upside, intended for newer fibre networks to the house (FTTH). Distinction between copper and fibre comes from the ISO7010-W004 (laser beam) symbol and nature of cables coming inside. It's written on them that it's G657 fibre and proper ref on green tags confirms it.
French telecom distribution point pole.jpg France


A copper distribution point on the top of a pole